Review: “Share or Die!”, Millennials’ Response to Scarcity

In “Share or Die: Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis” the Millennials’ respond to scarcity by sharing using a mixture of high-tech and high-touch

The Billionth Avatar Post: The Movie Sells What It Opposes

Yeah, I’m showing up really late to the party.  Yet I have the benefit of knowing every criticism of the the movie that has come out from the ultra-left Nativists to the Wiccan-worried Vatican.  I think they are all off-base, but if I didn’t, what would be the point of this post? Avatar follows in […]

Launch of new Georgiana blog and review of the book/movie/DVD

KW: I am so excited to have launched a new Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire blog. I read the biography, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, by Amanda Foreman back in 2006, and have been excited about Georgiana’s life story ever since. The new blog is called, “Georgiana Circle: Women Healing History.” It already contains content about: Georgiana’s […]

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