Nader hosts third party debate in DC tonight! 11/4

Ralph Nader will host a political debate with third party candidates tonight, Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 7:30pm, in Washington, DC. Ian Wilder and Kimberly Wilder of onthewilderside will attend. We will provide some live coverage (Twitter) and post-debate photos and analysis. You can live-stream the debate at, the national Green Party website, and […]

Tonight! Tues Oct 23rd: Third Party debate in Chicago

A Presidential Debate for third party candidates will happen tonight, Tuesday, October 23rd. Larry King will moderate. The venue is Chicago. Though, you can watch on line at Free and Equal, or on Link TV. The debate starts at 9pm EST (here in New York), which is 8pm CDT (where it is being held in […]

Another round of: Maybe a 3rd Party Debate?

Eek! I hate to start the expectation and rumor mill going again…especially since I only have this from one source. But, maybe…could it be…we would want to hold the date open, if….there might be another chance at a Third Party Debate for Presidential Campaign 2008?