Stop the “Standing While Latino” bill in Suffolk County

Editors note: There is a bill in the Suffolk County Legislature which would give Suffolk Police the power to arrest people for loitering under certain conditions. Note that this bill is clearly aimed at the immigrant workers in Farmingville.  Also, that at the Suffolk County jail, there are plans to give even more access to immigration officials to deport people sent to jail who do not have the proper papers. ~KW

Dear Friends,

Can you be kind enough to call your Suffolk County Legislator and ask them to vote against this legislation?…Can you call your friends and neighbors?

The bill will be the subject of a public hearing Tuesday 3/6 before the full legislature, and could be voted on as early as March 20.

Please come out and show your opposition to this bill at the legislative hearings.

Any questions or to just show your needed support please call Nadia at the Workplace Project: 516-565-5377

Thank you very much.
Peace & Blessings

Luis Valenzuela, Executive Director
Long Island Immigrant Alliance
143 Schleigel Blvd.,
Amityville, NY 11701
631 789-0720

Excerpt below from a Newsday article on the subject. For full article, click here.

Looking to test loitering bill:
Immigrant work bill has Mystal’s reluctant backing
By James T. Madore
Newsday, March 1, 2007, 10:42 PM EST

A veteran Suffolk lawmaker Thursday predicted that a controversial anti-loitering bill aimed at immigrant workers would receive near unanimous support in the county legislature, though he also questioned whether the measure could be enforced or withstand a civil liberties challenge in court.

Legis. Elie Mystal (D-Amityville), long an opponent of Suffolk’s attempts to curb illegal immigration, said the resolution targeting day laborers who solicit jobs along county roadways would be adopted unanimously or with only a couple of “nay” votes among the 18 lawmakers. In an interview, he said he would “reluctantly vote for it…but hopefully someone challenges it, and defeats it in court.”

The bill will be the subject of a public hearing Tuesday before the full legislature, and could be voted on as early as March 20…[skip]

The anti-loitering bill, introduced last month by Legis. Jack Eddington (WFP-Medford), would bar people from congregating on roadsides and sidewalks for the purpose of seeking work from passing motorists or selling products and services. Violators could face a fine of up to $500.

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  1. PLEASE VOTE AGAINST this bill!

    We have a great opportunity here on Long Island to help unify and create a strong partnership between workers, business owners and the community. This bill does not address the needs of all parties involved. It’s time to stop this targeting of Latino workers and time to roll up our sleeves and take advantage of this great opportunity before us. If we all worked as hard as out laborers we would all be seeing eye to eye.

    VOTE NO!

    Bill Corrigan 2008 Congressional Exploratory Committee

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