Immigration update: Results of 3/6 Public Hearing

A 3-in-1 Post: Action Alert, Newsday Article, Newsday Opinion Piece 

Please lobby the following two legislators, who immigrant supporters think are key to the vote: 75 Washington Street PO Box 1827 Sag Harbor, NY 11963 Phone: 852-8400 Fax: 852-8404 423 Griffing Avenue, Suite 2
Riverhead, NY 11901
Phone: 852·3200  Fax: 852·3203

Newsday Article:
Anger Over New Bill
By James T. Madore 
March 7, 2007

Most speakers tell Suffolk legislators they oppose plan to crack down on laborer gathering.

Immigrant-rights groups, civil libertarians and union leaders yesterday blasted a controversial anti-loitering bill, telling Suffolk County lawmakers that it would spur racial discrimination and undermine the ability of striking employees and others to protest injustices.

…The amended resolution, filed yesterday, no longer refers to loitering and instead focuses exclusively on traffic safety.

…Opponents disagreed, saying the measure was a thinly veiled attempt to drive out immigrants. Of the 24 speakers, only seven praised the bill.

Luis Valenzuela, director of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, said, “The Standing-While-Latino bill is essentially racist. … It terrorizes people; our children are terrorized.”

Newsday Opinion Piece: Bogus immigrant bill: Anti-loitering law would fix nothing

This piddling law can’t alter the economic forces that bring the workers here, seeking a better life for their families south of the border…Even if it could be enforced, which is doubtful, all it would do is push the workers onto nearby town roads – and further stigmatize them.

A previous bill sponsored by Legis. Joseph Caracappa (R-Selden), also co-sponsor of the new bill, could not get through a Republican legislature. It would be truly sad if a Democratic legislature were to pass a bill, sponsored by a Working Families Party legislator, aimed at men who are here only because they are working for their families.

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