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Support Public Access: Thursday, May 10th at 7pm in Town of Islip Annex Building, on 401 Main Street Islip. 

Zabby is a public access producer on Long Island. She is the leader of a group called “PEGLATM”, which supports all the public service channels that cable companies are supposed to give the community in exchange for getting rights to the public airwaves. Zabby will speak at the Islip meeting, and tape it. Zabby has asked for other people to come speak in support of public access, and to ask that the Town of Islip require Verizon to provide studio space and training to the Islip community.

Each town in Long Island is responsible for negotiating agreements with cable companies so that the community gets its fair share back from the company. Due to these agreements, Cablevision allows citizens to broadcast on a public access channel (20 or 21 in Suffolk County) and Cablevision provides studio time and training to citizens who need it to put on their shows.

Evidently, Verizon has been arrogant in insisting it will not give any studio time or training to the Islip Community. Verizon is trying to demean the idea of public access by claiming it will not give support to the 74 public access producers. Yet, that ignores the fact that the whole community is served, when those 74 citizen activists volunteer to create unique, locally based shows that serve the community.

Zabby is using her own public access time to discuss this issue, and to broadcast the public meeting. You can look for it on Channel 20 in the Hauppague/Brookhaven system. Here are some times that information on this topic will be aired:

Sunday, May 6th at 11:30 pm on Channel 20.

Monday, May 7th at 3 pm on Channel 20 – Zabby explains the situation.

Thursday, May 10th at 10 pm on Channel 20. (Watch after going to the meeting!)

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  1. Veteran network television producer and writer, very interested in your mission….especially the idea of training people in reporting and production.
    I am based in Stamford, Ct., have left network television and establishing myself as an independent producer and writer.

    Thank You.

  2. Hi Zabby,
    Would appreciate if you could help me get some info on public access studios. There is one in Wainscott but I am a resident of Southampton. Is there another one which is available for me? Also who do I contact @ Cablevision to get training in television? I will travel for this opportunity. Thanks.

  3. This training could prove invaluable to get regular folk to present info with diverse viewpoints.

  4. From KW:

    Dear Kishtina,

    Thanks for your comments and interests. I do not know how to contact Zabby by e-mail, but I can contact her by phone. If you give me your e-mail and/or phone, I will get the two of you in touch.

    E-mail me at:

    Kimberly Wilder

  5. On September 12, at 10:30pm on channel 20 I was extremly distress about the m use of profanity used on the show by the three commentator mouthing such words as [the N word] and [m. f.].

    Who is monitoring the show, this is unacceptable language to be aired on publically support television.


  6. Hi Zabby,

    I have a community issue that we would like to place on public access tv. Can you advise me who I should contact to get the training on the equipment etc?

    Also as time is of the essense do you know anyone who is already experienced that can volunteer their time to help our community?

    I look forward to your response.

    The Lake Hills Ronkonkoma Organization

  7. Hi there, everyone.

    I know this is completely off topic, but I’m a long-separated niece of Kishtina Delemarre. Kimberly, I noticed that you have been in contact with her. Is there any possible way you might be able to pass my information along to her so I might be able to be reunited with her and my cousins? Please email me if you have any info.

    Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide on this matter!

    Erika Delemarre
    Tempe, AZ

  8. I think its pathetic and most certainly rude, the way you speak of our local officials. I would expect that your words could be more tasteful. Secondly, to speak of them the way you do because the Legislature refuses to go on Pa TV, are you kidding me. That is their right, and the meetings are open to the public, we are not shunned from attending nor speaking. Do me a favor, respectfully Kate Browning is my legislature and I dont appreciate the way you speak of her, and most certainly not her daughter. Because if it was your daughter then that would be ok. Why dont you find something real to bring to the floor. The Legislatures have there hands ful, they are human not robots. Let them do there job, like pass laws that matter. I have no respect for the things you are saying about them, because of a Public Acess issue. I can see why none of them respect you. your pathetic.

    • Kimberly Wilder writes:


      Are you saying that Zabby has been rude in her speech about public officials? Or, that we at onthewilderside have?

      I don’t think that there is room in the world for one citizen to blame another person for being “rude” to elected officials. Elected officials have money, power and title by virtue of their position. And, if a citizen confronts them with only words, than that is simply dissent. It is a patriotic duty to provide accountability inside a democracy.

      If someone hurts of throw something at a politician, or interrupts another citizen at a meeting, then talk to me about rude.

      Otherwise, I am sure that the elected officials (or their paid staff) can stick up for themselves.

      And, I am sure that citizens need a chance to discuss problems and concerns with how their elected officials operate.

      Having “manners” is mostly about people sticking with their own class, and about peer pressure to keep the hierarchy alive by forcing new people, young people, and oppressed people to learn to say things sweetly that would have more effect if said strongly.

      • you decide when you want to speak to me, public forum or not…your broadcast was rude, and the namecalling classless…find other words. i dont think prostitute was appropriate.


        • Joanne,

          You are speaking with Kimberly Wilder. I have never called anyone a “prostitute” during a political discussion (ummm…I think never, but at least not one in public!!!)


          I think you are confusing me with someone else.

          Please contact me by e-mail: votewilder at yahoo dot com


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