No difference between Democrats and Republicans

from the Amityville Record
Dear Editor:

The media lambasted Ralph Nader for stating that the two corporate parties (Democratic Party and Republican Party) have very few differences between them. Your article Longstanding Pact for ‘Clean’ Campaigns in Babylon Still in Place as Election Season ’08 Nearsproves it better than Nader ever could. The article outlines how the Democratic and Republican Party bosses in a number of races in Suffolk County have divided up the ballot between themselves by deciding not to even to pretend to run candidates in opposition in many races. Whether its Democratic County Executive Steve Levy or Republican State Senator Owen Johnson, our Suffolk County party bosses see no reason to give the voters any choice. The Suffolk County party bosses prove Nader’s point in that even they see no difference between Democrat and Republican. And neither do I.

Ian Wilder
North Babylon

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