Coalition tries to revive Edgewood truck-rail plan —

Coalition tries to revive Edgewood truck-rail plan —

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Some overview and more background from KW:

Community activists and environmental groups pushed hard to take back the Edgewood Preserve. The land was supposed to be given to the state for open space, and simply was not deeded correctly. It belongs to the community for open space.

There is a new push by some conservative environmental groups, some misguided transportation groups and various politicians to ignore the legal mandate for open space, and instead turn the Edgewood Preserve into an intermodal truck-rail facility. This project would create, among other things, environmental racism, by putting such a project through the Brentwood area. The area of the preserve and the proposed intermodal goes through or is adjacent to: Town of Babylon, Town of Huntington and Town of Islip.

In addition, some of the reason that this project is being pushed for, is probably for the convenience of another bad project, the new Tangier Outlet being built on Commack Road in the Town of Babylon. That project is adding new retail stores, at a time when retail will probably be going down hill. But, one can imagine that now that they shoved the outlets down our throat, the outlets want a convenient way to bring in merchandise. If transportation groups cared so much about too much traffic, they should have stopped the Tangier Outlet project.

Please let Governor Paterson know that you value justice, environmental justice, and open space, more than the convenience of some local companies. Tell Governor Paterson to approve the legislation to save the Edgewood Preserve.

And, please be aware that some civic-minded people have speculated that if the trains come out bringing merchandise, they will eventually go back bringing garbage…and/or toxic waste. There is always another plan when a big project like this is forced through. And, greedy corporations do not spend lots of resources moving empty trucks and trains back and forth.

To appreciate the value of the preserve, and all the communities it enhances, please go to:

Contact information for Governor Paterson and a sample letter are at the Friends of Edgewood Preserve web-site. Contact below as well:

Snail Mail to Governor:
The Honorable David Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Fax to Governor:

Call the Governor:


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