Reason #347 That We’re Screwed

Bush seeks to assure leaders about bailout plan

Can world leaders think of a less assuring person?  The only thing they must have confidence in is that Bush is an expert at being bailed out.

Reminds me of the headline from a few days ago:

Bush says he’s working hard on economic turmoil

A greater truth has never been published.  You don’t get this kind of economic turmoil by accident.  You gotta work real hard to mess things up this bad.

I guess now that all these people have figured out that government intervention is not such a bad thing to bail out the rich.  Maybe the rest of us can get single payer, universal healthcare.  You remember that thing.  What Obama & McCain are making noises like their proposing while their just fedding at the insurance company trough.

You wanna see a real leader who’s not afraid to speak the truth and represent regular people, click here.

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