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Green Party Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney was interviewed today on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation by host Neal Conan. During the interview Congresswoman McKinney was asked by Conan to explain where she differed from Ralph Nader. The clear implication was that the differences between the two are inconsequential, and by extension, that McKinney should not be in the race in deference to Nader. While I don’t ascribe a motivation to Conan, that was the impression I took from listening.

When McKinney tried to explain that the foundation of the Green Party, the Four Pillars of social justice, grassroots democracy, non-violence and ecological wisdom and the continuation of that party on November 5th, Conan ignored that truth to ask for specific policy differences between them. The audio is available here.

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  1. Since Ian posted this, I get to comment:

    From Kimberly –

    I wish Nader good luck in his campaign this year. I voted for Nader many times. I think he is a wise soul who has done a lot for America and American politics.

    Though, I was very happy to have a chance to support Cynthia McKinney as the Green Party candidate for President.

    One of the key issues of substance to me is that Cynthia McKinney is willing to “say the word” and “address” racism, sexism and other forms of oppression in a way that Nader is not. Nader still plays that game on the careful side, and I believe that is not fair to the oppressed, and not effective to create meaningful change quickly enough.

    Other reasons I supported McKinney: I think having a candidate for President who is a former Congresswoman makes the case to many Americans that that candidate “could win” and “is worthy”; I think Nader, personally, had his turn as the high-profile candidate many times over; I think it was good to give a woman a chance, and a person of color. In fact, one proven method for creating diversity in an organization or culture is simply to “let new people” have a turn; To the extent there was injustice or problems inside the Green Party, Nader never helped someone or threw them a line, even. People who were Nader supporters inside the national party and national committees were so busy wheeling and dealing inside the party, and leaning us towards Nader, they had no time to support injustices being done inside the national party; I relate to Cynthia McKinney; I admire Cynthia McKinney.

    I look forward to November 5th. I hope that whatever of the outcome for either candidate – Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader – that the Green Party will unite again and focus energy on building the party. There are some people who will want to leave or start other projects. Good for them. The four pillars and the international green movement are something that, to me, is worth sticking around to work on and to apply to a political party.

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