ICE raid yesterday, plus analysis of ICE raids

Update: February 27, 2009: here.

Over at Long Island Wins, Pat Young, an immigration attorney, has written a series of three articles describing problems with ICE immigration/homeland security raids:

ICE Part l /      ICE Part ll /      ICE Part lll

An ICE raid on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 in the state of Washington:

(excerpt from) Seattle Times
Illegal immigrants arrested at Ugandan refugee family’s Bellingham engine plant

By Lornet Turnbull

Immigration officials on Tuesday arrested 28 illegal immigrants in a raid of an engine-remanufacturing plant owned by immigrants who fled a bloody coup in Uganda nearly 40 years ago.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers Tuesday raided an engine-remanufacturing plant in Bellingham owned by a family of immigrants who fled violence in Uganda nearly 40 years ago.

They arrested 28 illegal immigrants at Yamato Engine Specialists — more than one-quarter of the company’s work force — and immediately began the process to deport them, ICE officials said…

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  1. […] President Obama names John Morton for head of ICE/Homeland Security KW: I was first alerted to this news from the Long Island Immigrant Alliance list-serve. I wonder if this appointment will change the direction of recent, aggressive and unfair raids that ICE has been making on immigrants in the past few years? More about recent ICE raids: here. […]

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