President Obama’s speech last night

KW: On Tuesday, February 24th, President Obama gave a speech (which was not, technically, a “State of the Union” speech.) Ian and I could not bear to listen. Though, from the searches on our blog, I see some of our audience are interested. I will try to find more commentary around the web. But, for now, a somewhat “status-quo-positive”, though thorough, article is: here.

Comments on Obama’s speech by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! playing on 99.5FM in NYC, WBAI Radio

Main points in headlines:

-Obama pledged that healthcare reform would be addressed this year. Though, Amy Goodman notes that there were not details given. And, Obama has not been willing to pledge to “Single-Payer Universal” health care.

-Amy Goodman comments on Obama’s comments on the Iraq War and Afghanistan War. Though, she did not say anything about the Afghanistan War (did Obama?) President Obama committed only to a long term plan to get out of Iraq.

The transcript from Democracy Now!, which should include speech excerpts and commentary, is usually availble at the Democracy Now! website later in the day: here.

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  1. I like the fact that he addressed the domestic issues first and foremost. Although he received criticism for this I feel that it was the right thing to do. I do disagree with many of his ideals but he handled himself well. The president is someone who instills confidence in his people. Independent of our views we want someone who at least portrays himself as a powerfel, confident person, both for this country and the world.


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