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NOW supports Sarah Palin

I just cannot believe that of all the problems in the world – including the sexist Republicans in the NY State Senate collaborating with Hiram Monserrate who is facing domestic violence charges – that the National Organization for Women (NOW) has decided to do an action alert against late night comedian David Letterman.

Here are the kinder excerpts of my letter to NOW:

Subject: Leave Letterman alone and go after Monserrate

…Leave Letterman alone. He was half wrong. But, he is only a comedian.

Palin is an evil, conservative politician who put her daughters in the awkward situation they are in…

I request that as much energy as you put into the Letterman situation, you now put into the fact that in NY, Tom Golisano characterized domestic violence as a “personal issue.” Because, the Republicans in the NY State Senator are collaborating with Hiram Monserrate, who is charged with slashing his girlfriend’s face with glass.

That is a little more important than a late night television joke.

Please, please…stay away from Sarah Palin.


If you have a message for NOW, you can send it to: now at now dot org

3 Responses

  1. Letterman is a deranged slob- and his tired 1985 schtick’s about as funny as a train wreck. I say give Todd Palin five minutes alone with this creep- maybe then he’d get the hard education in moral clarity that he so obviously lacks.

    And if Sarah Palin is SO silly and irrelevant, why the obsession?

    Clearly the Left noted her appeal, and are out to eliminate the threat- it’s not like it’s not obvious. She’s been highly successful in life while ignoring the left-wing feminist model… this helps to explain the extra dose of venom in the attacks.

    Go get em, Sarah- and don’t mind the press, nobody will be listening to them anymore after the pending Obamamania implosion- can’t wait til this nightmare is over.

    • Dear Reaganite Republican,

      I disagree with nearly everything you wrote.

      I think it is amusing that you think “appeal” in a politician is some awesome quality that will drive them to success. They also need some smarts and diplomacy, you know.

      Since you like Reagan and Sarah Palin, I will take your evaluation of David Letterman with a grain of salt.

      Kimberly Wilder

  2. I came here from Third Estate’s link and now wish I hadn’t. Ava and C.I. take on the issue in their TV article this week:
    Your hatred for Sarah Palin is disgusting and vile and I can’t read you because you are such a hateful person.
    No one deserves what Sarah Palin or her daughter was put through by Letterman and David Letterman has a history of doing this.
    You’re not a feminist. You never called out the attacks on Hillary, you never called them out on Cynthia or Sarah. That’s why I stopped coming to this site. With the election over and your Dream Lover in the White House, I saw the link at Third and thought, “Oh, I can enjoy Kimberly Wilder again.” Instead, I find this raging hatred that sounds a lot like the sort of hate speech I’d hear on Rush Limbaugh.
    Shame on you.

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