Take note for your own civil liberties: Judge in Hauser/Chemo case

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 I do not think that the government, nor medical establishment, handled the Daniel Hauser/Chemotherapy case well at all. I think that various government entities made oppressive moves against the young man and his family.

And, now I think that the judge in this case made an even worse decision. Brown County (Minnesota) District Judge John Rodenberghas decided that Daniel Hauser’s medical records should be public. That decision is wrong and a dangerous violation of privacy. There are many documents in court cases that remain sealed. Clearly, a minor’s medical records should be private. 

The judge’s reasoning behind his decision is even more dangerous. The judge is implying that the reason that the records can and should be public is because the Hauser’s were the first to take their story to the public. If his decision and reasoning stands, it will be a subtle message to people involved in court proceedings that they should keep things “hush, hush” and may be punished by the courts with invasion of privacy if they dare to call out for help, do action alerts, or advertise a legal defense fund.

I hope that folks in Minnesota will make sure to run a good candidate against this judge. I believe that there is a lot of third party, independent and progressive energy in Minnesota. So, hopefully people are taking note of how Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg is ruling in this case.

(excerpt from) City Pages
Medical records of boy who refused chemo are public, judge says
By Emily Kaiser / June 19, 2009

He might be a minor and the issue might be medical records, but that doesn’t mean this family will have any medical privacy in their case as their boy has forced chemotherapy treatment for his cancer.

A judge denied their request to seal the medical records of Daniel Hauser, 13, who made national headlines when he fled the state with his mother to avoid chemo for his Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

More from the Associated Press:

Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg ruled this week that information about Daniel Hauser’s condition and treatment have been public so far, so that information should remain public. He also noted that the boy’s parents have spoken about the case in the media.

“It is impossible at this point to attempt to reverse course and keep all of those issues confidential,” Rodenberg wrote in documents made available Thursday…

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