Photos: Anti-immigrant rally and little hope in the 2nd Congressional District

Anti-immigrant rally in Huntington. Sunday, August 29, 2010.

Huntington: Vote out Steve Israel sign on telephone pole

Full view of anti-Steve Israel sign

Kimberly writes: I live in NY’s 3rd Congressional District. As lines changed, I used to be in the 2nd. And, when I did, I was sure to support third party campaigns against Democrat, incumbent Steve Israel. He is not a pacifist. He is not progressive.

Well, unless some third party scrambles into action and files petitions by tomorrow, looks like the only choice for the 2nd District will be conservative Democrat Steve Israel, or rabid anti-immigrant Republican John Gomez. Some choice!

In Huntington, someone has posted on telephone poles some home computer type signs that say “Vote Out Incumbent Steve Israel”,  and do not appear to be attributed to any person or campaign fund.

The photos above are at a rally held in Huntington, on the intersection of Jericho and the 231 extension. In Newsday, there is a photo of one of the participants wearing a John Gomez for Congress button. Evidently John Gomez and/or his friends are proud to be associated with demonstrations which are basically aimed at frightening away immigrants.

There is a shocking quote on John Gomez’s web page. One that offends me on so many levels, partly as someone who values foreign language study, the arts, and cultural differences. The quote from John Gomez, in discussing immigration, says,  “In doing so we must bear in mind that the American culture can only endure if immigration is followed by assimilation…”

I hope too many people don’t assimilate to be like John Gomez.

Bonus photo and annoying political candidate:

There was also a Blakeman for US Senate sign placed in the grass by the anti-immigrant rally. He is a doozy. And, his web-site actually starts with an inspiring quote by Ronald Reagan. Are we going to take Long Island back to the 80’s???? (Perhaps the conservative Democrats we elected took us halfway there, and we are now ripe to be totally and culturally transported back to the militant, intolerant, uptight (and culturally bland and snobby) Ronald Reagan 80’s! Is there anyone left who is for tolerance and against the wars…truly?)

Political signs in Huntington. August 2010.

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