CCE Report: Open Space Preservation

The report found that parks and open space provide billions in annual economic benefits for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  Key points include:

  • Preserving land reduces government services.
  • Close proximity to parks increases the value of residential property.
  • $288 million is spent each year at LI farms.
  • $33.3 million is spent each year directly at wineries.
  • Conservation of parks is eight times less costly than new residential development.
  • Land and foliage in open space act as natural filters as they slow down runoff and capture precipitation, reducing stormwater management costs by $23.9 million annually.
  • The trees and shrubs found in parks and protected open space remove air pollutants naturally, reducing pollution control costs by $18.9 million per year.
  • Open space also contributes to public health benefits; over 600,000 Long Islanders take part in physical activity at the parks, generating health benefits of $164 million per year.

Read the full report

via New Report: Open Space Preservation.

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