Friends Scared about Paladino? Tell Them This.

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Every progressive will prefer the program of Howie Hawkins and the Green Party to the conservative economic agenda of Andrew Cuomo (D-I-WFP). But many people vote their fears rather than their values and hope.

Polls show that Paladino has no chance of winning. Every time he talks he alienates more voters. He trails Cuomo by over 20 points. The only question is how bad he will lose.

If voters fear Paladino, they should also fear Cuomo. While they differ on social issues such as abortion, the reality is that the Assembly will block major changes on these issues.

Cuomo himself has argued that Tea Partiers should vote for him because his economic agenda is similar to Paladino but he will be more effective in getting the Tea Party agenda implemented because he is nicer when talking to the public.

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