For NYC voters: Careful filling in the ovals

An article about this and other of NYC 2010 election concerns is at the NY Times: here.

(excerpt from) Fox News
New York City Nominated for Ballot Bungle Booby Prize
Published October 28, 2010

New York City’s election ballot is so confusing it’s starting to get national recognition.

The city’s paper ballot has drawn jeers in recent weeks over a series of potential flaws, leading to the firing of the election board’s director on Tuesday. Most prominently, the instructions tell voters to fill out the oval “above or next to” a candidate’s name, though the corresponding ovals on the ballot are actually below each candidate’s name…

Lawrence Norden, with the Brennan Center for Justice [wrote]…

“A voter who follows the directions and chooses the oval above the candidate’s name will actually be voting for a different candidate than she intends,” he wrote.

The New York City Board of Elections plans to put a correct set of instructions in the voting booths to clear up the confusion. Further, a spokeswoman was quoted in The Wall Street Journal last week saying the problem was not the instructions; rather, “our ballot design does not match up to the instructions.”…

When voting for a fusion or third party candidate…make sure you are filling in the correct oval. Make sure you only vote for a candidate on ONE LINE. Do not fill in more than one oval for one race or one candidate.

Instructions from Matt Damon (his instructions show Working Families Party as the example) are below. Note that onthewilderside does not agree with Matt Damon that a vote for the Working Families Party is a progressive vote. A vote for a Democratic politician who believes in war, no matter what line you vote for that person on, is still a vote for war.


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