Will Guv-elect Cuomo Promised Tea Party Education Cuts Cause Protests In NY Like London?

New York Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has has moved forward with his Tea Party austerity budget.  Cuomo announced that he will balance the state budget on the back of working families instead of rescinding the the rebate of the stock transfer tax as Green Party Guv cand Howie Hawkins demanded.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Cuomo said: “Democratic Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday he would refuse to raise taxes to cover the state’s budget shortfall and would seek cuts to politically popular programs like education and health care instead.”  In fact Cuomo pointedly refused to stop the rebate:

We have no problem telling rich people they have to pay taxes. We do it extraordinarily well, we do it better than almost any state in the nation.

Over in England, here is there response to such cuts:

Promotional photograph of Johann Hari

Johann Hari

An estimated 52,000 students took to the streets of London on Tuesday to protest government plans to increase university tuition fees while cutting higher education funding by 40 percent. The demonstration was one of the biggest student protests in decades and the largest turnout against the British government’s austerity measures that were announced last month. We speak with Johann Hari, a columnist for the London Independent.

via Over 50,000 Students Protest in London over Planned Cuts to Education Funding.

In the United States the response is “silence”  This statement from England’s Young Greens could have easily described the incoming Cuomo Tea Party administration in New York:

The anger at yesterday’s protests was remarkable, especially towards the Lib Dems who have left so many students feeling betrayed and unsure where to turn next. Students have begun the fight against the Coalition’s dangerous and damaging policies. This is what you get when you condemn a whole generation to a lifetime of debt, unaffordable housing and a lack of decent jobs.

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