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2011 Suffolk County Election Results (and Nassau County links)

2013 Suffolk County Election Results can be found at the Suffolk County Board of Elections: here.

Also, some 2013 results and news stories at Long Island Press Elections Page: here.


Update 11/22/2011: Rep Croci wins Islip Town Supervisor Race. Story at Long Island Press: here.

At the top are links to official, Long Island election results pages. Then, links to media who will be covering the story. At the bottom, onthewilderside will post our own observations and comments on the election outcomes.

Suffolk County Board of Elections webpage
2011 Suffolk BOE Election Results Link


Nassau County Board of Elections webpage
2011 Nassau BOE Election Results Link


Long Island Press
Election Coverage: here

Click to…

Newsday will be covering the elections.
(Though, Newsday is now subscription-only)
Front page of Newsday link: here.

For Green Party races in New York, and select green races around the country, go to the Green Party of New York State website: here.

The biggest territory race in Suffolk County is the race for Suffolk County Executive. We will be sure to post here about who the winner is: Angie Carpenter or Steve Bellone.
Suffolk Count Executive winner: Steve Bellone, Democrat.

Suffolk County Executive Race Updates: At 10:22 pm, with about half of the districts reporting, Steve Bellone is leading with about 10% of the vote. At 10:34, more districts counted, Bellone’s lead is growing. At 11:52, Bellone is ahead by about 13%, and Newsday has called the race for Bellone. Note to Babylon residents: Since Bellone is the Town of Babylon Supervisor, that seat will be vacant in January. So, look for a special election for Babylon Town Supervisor. (Our guess is that Democrat Wayne Horsley will run for Supervisor…which would then leave Horsley’s legislative seat open…which would mean another special election if he won…which will mean that Green Party candidate Cesar Malaga could run again for Horsley’s seat in a special election)

Cesar Malaga, of West Babylon, is the only Green Party candidate running in Suffolk County (or Nassau County) this year. Cesar noted his support for Occupy Wall Street in an Election Day story at Long Island Press. Cesar is running for the 14th Legislative District. If Cesar wins, we will have a big party. Otherwise, we will post his unofficial numbers here as soon as possible. (With a third party candidate, we can expect a big bump in reported numbers on the recanvas/recount.)

Cesar Malaga Update: At 10:21 pm, with 66.48% of districts reporting, Cesar currently has 2.75% of the vote. That is a nice showing for a Green Party member in Suffolk County (and beats the heck out of my percentages from when I ran for legislator several years ago!)

A really interesting write-in result: In the Town of Southampton, in the race for Town Supervisor, there are 27 out of 42 districts reporting. The leader has 4,284 votes…and there are 2,243 write-in votes for Supervisor! (I believe that part of it is because a former, Republican Party Supervisor ran a write-in campaign. Though, the write-ins will not reflect names so soon into the counting, probably a recanvas/recount task to sort and list names of write-ins.)

Town of Huntington upset?: It looks like a surprising result and an upset in the Town of Huntington.  In the Town of Huntington Council Person race, all the votes are not in, but most districts are in. It looks like a Republican has supplanted one of the incumbent, Democratic councilpeople. Two seats open. Order from top vote getter to bottom vote getter so far: Eugene Cook (Rep/Cons/Indep). Then, Susan Berland (Dem/WF/Indep). Then, Herbert Morrow (Rep/Cons). Last in the totals is incumbent Glenda Jackson (Dem/WF)

Town of Islip – too close to call and may be an upset: Phil Nolan is the incumbent, Democrat, Supervisor in The Town of Islip. I saw him at a candidate debate years ago, and he is a very conservative Democrat. The Supervisor race is very close. As of unofficial results at 7am Wednesday, there is a  419 vote spread, which represents 50.43% to 49.55%. So far, the candidate in the lead is the Republican/Cons/Ind candidate, Tom Croci (who is former military intelligence, and former Homeland Security.)

Some National Highlights:

The Mississippi “personhood” proposal, which would have interfered with Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose, was defeated. So, that drama is concluded for now.

A story at The LA Times notes, “Elections may signal a pause in conservative trend”. “Ohio overturns a law affecting public employee unions while Mississippi votes down a stringent antiabortion measure. Arizona recalls state Senate President Russell Pearce, architect of the controversial immigration law.” [KW – I will credit the pause in the conservative trend with the positive, pro-people, progressive discourse nurtured by Occupy Wall Street and the other occupations.]

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