We pretend to vote, they pretend to get elected.

Can we work “within the system”? A response to those who think we can.

We pretend to vote, they pretend to get elected.

Michael Collins
Election Fraud News

Is it practical or useful to attempt to work within the current legislative system to change election processes and regulations? This is a critical issue for elections activists. This statement is my firmly held position. I do not intend to offend anyone. Rather, my goal is to focus on the abundantly clear realities we face and the directions we must take based on those realities. On the issue that interests me the most, election fraud, we clearly need to work within the system to gather that data sufficient to determine if election fraud occurred in a given election. We have no ability to critique and judge the system if we lack access to the available data. This working within approach has been highly effective as evidenced by the work of TruthIsAll, Simon, Freeman, and ElectionArchive.Org/Baiman.

With regard to the other focus of the clean elections interest group, influencing the type of voting and tabulation systems in use, the legislative regulation of those systems, and the quality assurance component, post election audits, the choice is not as straight forward.

The legislation that established our current nightmare, the Help America Vote Act, was a bipartisan effort. It received overwhelming approval in the House and Senate. The record of the final action should have warned us. Convicted felon, Rep. Robert Ney, R, OH is listed as the principal sponsor.
Ney principal sponsor.

That legislation claimed to solve the problems of Florida 2000. It did nothing of the sort. The problems of Florida, a stolen election if there ever was one, had little to do with hanging chads here and there and voters struggling with a deceptive butterfly ballot. The problems of Florida were the 50,000 or more black Floridians taken off the voting rolls by felon purge software (who were unable to vote in Election 2000) and the more than 170,000 spoiled ballots which occurred mostly in minority dominated precincts in Republican controlled counties with significant black population. This is all well documented.

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