When DNA Is Not Enough 4/21/07 1p


Infant Jesus Parish Social Ministry
When DNA is not Enough:
An Afternoon With
New York Exoneree Jeffrey Deskovic

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Infant Jesus Church Parish Center,
110 Myrtle Avenue,
Port Jefferson, Long Island
For more information, call 631-331-6145.
*See directions below*


National media attention has been drawn in the past few days to the slew of innocent men released from prison in Dallas after serving decades in prison. But the situation is Texas is not so far away from our own experience.

New York has seen 6 exonerations in the past 13 months, and have the 3rd highest wrongful conviction rate in the country! One of these innocents, Jeffrey Deskovic, is joining with New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty to bring his story to a wide audience, and to make change at the level of the heart and the level of the state.

Join us and the dynamic Social Ministry of Infant Jesus Church as Jeffrey tells
his story to the public and inspires action for ending the death penalty! The calls for the reinstatement of capital punishment in New York by those who represent us continues from our own political leaders. Let us make the call for abolition louder! Spread the word!

In solidarity,

Jeffrey Deskovic was 17-years-old when a jury found him guilty of murder in 1989. The jury knew then that DNA evidence did not match Deskovic, but jury members convicted him based on testimony from a Peekskill detective that Deskovic had confessed to the crime. Deskovic was given no food and held in a tiny room, without a lawyer or parent. He allegedly confessed after 6 hours, and 3 polygraph tests. Deskovic had been been told that if DNA evidence did not point to him, he would not be charged with the crime. This did not happen. For years after the conviction, local prosecutors rebuffed Deskovic’s requests for DNA tests using more sophisticated methods. Finally, in September, 2006, the new Westchester District Attorney, Janet DiFiore agreed. DNA test results proved that Deskovic was innocent of the crime and pointed to the actual killer. Mr. Deskovic’s indictment was thrown out and on September 20, he was released. after spending nearly 17-years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Come hear Jeffrey Deskovic tell his compelling story on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at the Infant Jesus Church Parish Center , 110 Myrtle Avenue , Port Jefferson. For more information, call 631-331-6145.

1. Take the Long island Expressway (Eastbound)
2. Take Exit 64 – “Route 112”
3. Make a Left at Traffic Light (Route 112)
4. Go North on Route 112 for 9:3 miles to Infant Jesus Church
(follow the signs for “Port Jefferson”)
(Cross Route 25 and Railroad Tracks)
(Route 112 becomes Route 25 A West)

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