Ben Jealous, the world will remember that you put petty partisan politics above the life of Troy Davis.

IW:  I tried to reply to an email from NAACP President/CEO Ben Jealous titled, “The World Will Remember Troy Davis.” Unsurprisingly, the email it was sent from does not allow for replies.  Below is what I wanted to tell Mr. Jealous: The world will remember that you, Ben Jealous, put petty partisan politics above the […]

Troy Davis scheduled for execution on Wed. Sept 21: Take action

LIVE coverage of the scene at the scheduled execution from Democracy Now! is: here. __________ Update: Troy Davis died at 11:08pm Georgia time. The media who were allowed inside will be coming out to do interviews with the other press. Update: At 10:22pm, Democracy Now! reports that the Supreme Court has denied the stay. It […]

Georgia Green Party Urges Clemency, We Are All Troy Davis

We must not Sacrifice Fairness for Finality, Nor Ignore Perjury Enticed by Law Enforcement Officers “Why was the testimony of all those recanting witnesses credible enough to send a fellow human being to prison, but is not credible enough to release him now?” asked Lucy Grider-Bradley, newly named Co-Chairperson of the Georgia Green Party.  “Governor […]

Troy Davis Rally, NYC 9/16/11

This evening, Wednesday, September 21, 2011, Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed. For more action, and a possible vigil in your area, go to the NAACP: here. The NAACP is doing a strategic, last minute, petition drive to the District Attorney. Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm is the man who requested the death […]

Green Party of Suffolk Celebrates at its Annual Meeting

The Green Party of Suffolk invites all enrolled Green Party members to come to their annual membership meeting to celebrate regaining their ballot line.  The meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26, 2011.  It will start at 12pm at the Stony Brook Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 380 Nicolls Road,  E. Setauket.  (Directions)   For […]

LI Co Still Providing Execution Drugs: Henry Schein

A LONG ISLAND-BASED COMPANY IS PROVIDING DRUGS FOR EXECUTIONS. TAKE ACTION against HENRY SCHEIN. Henry Schein received Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Company” award in 2010.  But this drug company, based in Melville, New York, SOLD THE STATE OF KENTUCKY PANCURONIUM BROMIDE so that Kentucky could continue to perform executions. Other pharmaceutical suppliers are refusing to […]

Today: Oklahamo set to execute man with drugs meant for animals

“John David Duty is scheduled to be executed in McAlester, Okla. later today…” Story: here.

ACLU: Texas Puts Head in Sand at Prospect of Executing Innocent People

The highest criminal court in Texas yesterday halted an historic hearing in which lawyers for a man accused of murder and facing the death penalty argued that capital punishment is unconstitutional because it carries high risks that innocent people could be executed. Lawyers for John Green this week presented in a Houston trial court evidence […]

Action Alert: Stop execution of Henry Skinner in Texas

Update! March 24, 2010: Execution delayed by Supreme Court. News story: here. Check on updates with anti-death penalty group: here. The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty [NCADP] urges you to continue Shouting From the Rooftops about the possibility that we’ve executed innocent people in this country. Part of that work also means Shouting […]

Update on scheduled execution of Robert Lee Thompson in TX

Update/Sad news on Thursday evening: Robert Lee Thompson is dead. He was executed today. Perry rejects clemency in death penalty case Accomplice executed for 1996 convenience store slaying. By Mike Ward / Friday, November 20, 2009 “Rejecting a rare recommendation to commute a death sentence, Gov. Rick Perry refused Thursday to stop the execution of […]

Will Texas Execute Another Innocent Man? The Case of Reginald Blanton

A controversial death row case is unfolding in Texas today. Twenty-eight-year-old Reginald Blanton is set to be executed tonight for the 2000 killing of Carlos Garza. Blanton was convicted of breaking into Garza’s apartment and shooting him in the head. But Blanton has maintained his innocence, and his lawyers have said the case has been […]

Good News! US Supreme Court Stays Execution of Kenneth Mosley in Texas (stop action on UA 240/09)

URGENT ACTION APPEAL – From Amnesty International USA To read the current Urgent Action newsletter, go to ———————————- 24 September 2009 Further information on UA 240/09 (10 September 2009) – Death penalty USA                   Kenneth Mosley (m) On 23 September, the US Supreme Court stayed the execution of Kenneth Mosley, a 51-year-old African American man scheduled […]

Jeffrey Deskovic Endorses Richard Aborn for Manhattan DA

[youtube=] Jeffrey Deskovic Endorses Richard Aborn for Manhattan DA ~ Richard Aborn, fighting against false charges and Defending the falsely accused ~ (Videographed and edited by Junko Ishikawa) Jeffrey Deskovic: Having an anti-wrongful conviction advocate and ally in as prestigious and powerful a position as the Manhattan DA’s office will lead to change, not just […]

**New Yorkers For Alternatives to the Death Penalty** 518 453 6797 Abolitionists: New evidence has emerged confirming the innocence of Cameron Willingham, put to death by lethal injection in 2004, the same year New York declared its death penalty unconstitutional.(See Bob Herbert’s article below).  Once again, we are given a harrowing reminder that such […]