Updates to People’s President Page

Posted by Kimberly:

Just a note to say that I have made some changes at the People’s President Page.

Some changes in recent days include: Added Celesta Baier as an independent candidate; took out some candidates who do not seem to be running, including Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer; added web-site links to some mmore Democrat and Republican candidates.

I do invite the Wilderside community to participate in the People’s President page. Please send me an e-mail if there are any candidates missing who you would like to see. Or, if you know that anyone is definitely not running. (I have pretty stubbornly kept Al Gore and John Kerry listed. I don’t believe that they are really out of it.)

I am pleased that several presidential contenders have posted messages to this page.

Thanks and peace,

Kimberly Wilder
Editor, “People’s President Page” on the Wilderside
votewilder at yahoo dot com

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