Multi-state effort: Help Cynthia McKinney get matching funds for Presidential Primary!

Wow. I can hardly believe the time is here. As a devout green, I was holding off on giving Cynthia McKinney a donation until I was certain she was a Green. Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney–once an outspoken, progressive Democrat–is now a Green in California! And, Cynthia McKinney has filed with the Federal Elections Commission as a “Green” candidate for President of the United States.

I couldn’t send my check in fast enough.

Imagine that! A former Congressperson seeking our third party line for a presidential run. It really is, just, well, cool. I am ecstatic. Now, we need to support her effort, and meet the challenge to raise $5,000. each from 20 states* in order to qualify for matching funds for the primary season. If we are successful, this would be the first time that a Green presidential candidate received matching funds for the primary.

*(That’s one hundred thousand dollars – oh!my!) (But, it’s only 200 $25. donations from each state.)

There are a few web-sites for Cynthia McKinney. And, the one I found a donation button on, it didn’t seem that easy to donate. So, I will list the web-sites below, if you wanna try that way. However, you could also just cut to the chase, like I did, and write a check to the place listed at the FEC, and mentioned as the default at the web-page. Either way, don’t forget to send your donor info.

All Things web-site Run web-site Old Congressional web-site

Please send a donation to:

“The Power to the People Committee”
Cynthia McKinney for President
Post Office Box 311759
Decatur, GA 31131-1759

The information you should provide on a separate piece of paper is:

First Name

Last Name



Home address

E-mail (optional, but wouldn’t it be great to get updates!)

– – –

Here are some rules about this and other federal donations:

This Campaign is bound by the campaign finance disclosure laws of our nation. Your contribution is not tax deductible and we will disclose the name, address, occupation and employer of any contributor giving $ 200.00 or more.

The Federal Election Commission requires the following:

* Contributions may be up to $ 4600 per campaign; $ 9200 per couple ($ 2300 primary & $ 2300 general).
* Donors must provide their name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer.
* Contributions must be from U.S. citizens or legal residents.
* Contributions to the Power to the People Committee are not tax deductible.

The on-line form reminds donors: By submitting this donation, I declare that I am a US citizen or permanent resident; this contribution is made from my own funds; this is not a corporation, labor organization or federal contractor.

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