NY Green makes the Daily News: Giuliani and 9-11

Sander Hicks is co-owner of Vox Pop (a cafe and progressive bookstore in Brooklyn). Sander had been recruited by some New York greens as a potential Governor or Senator candidate in the 2006 statewide races. Ironically, Sander got pre-convention flack for misunderstandings concerning a similar, journalistic stunt he did with Dick Cheney. So, Sander became a media consultant for some of the other green candidates. Glad to see Sander up to his old tricks, again. Go, Sander!

Campaign takeout
Daily News, Sunday, November 11th 2007

Not exactly a fan

Rudy Giuliani ran into a fellow New Yorker on his weekend trip to Colorado – but they apparently didn’t have much in common.

The former mayor was loudly heckled at a coffeehouse by protesters who insisted the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job.

Brooklynite Sander Hicks and others slipped into the crowd – some posing as supporters by wearing “Rudy” stickers – before springing questions and accusing Giuliani of having had advance information about the attacks.

Giuliani called 9/11 conspiracy theorists “sad.”

Cops escorted the demonstrators away but did not arrest them.

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