Alternative Election Night Coverage: Here at onthewilderside

Live Blogging here (and from the BOOG City crew in NYC) starting at 8pm on Election Night!

Hope you will join us here at on Tuesday, Nov 4th, starting at 8pm and ending at 12 midnight or when the Presidential results are announced, whichever comes first. We are going to have live blogging of “Alternative Election Night Coverage“. Kimberly Wilder will be at the helm. Ian Wilder will chime in after the local meeting he has to attend. We will also get blogs and updates from the BOOG CITY Election Night Extravaganza event, a politics, music and poetry event being held at the Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village, Manhattan, NYC. Hope to also gather e-mail comments from activist colleagues and bloggers, in addition to a scan of some of our favorite sources: Green Party Watch, Independent Political Report, Ballot Access News, Third Party Watch, News for Greens, Greens for Greens and just, plain old “Google News”. Since we will be on the ground, and armed with poll watching certificates, we will probably have local numbers and anecdotes to report. (On the flip side, Kimberly Wilder will be appearing on Green Party Watch radio with an update after 9pm.)

Updates, news, analysis and commentary on what is happening, who wins, and what it means for ballot access, peace, and the world in general. Important voting problems from around the country listed, reported and analyzed. Focus on third party and independent candidates, Green candidates and Green politics, the Green Party Presidential Campaign of Cynthia McKinney for President, other interesting races such as Cindy Sheehan for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, and some homage to the home turf with a look at what happens here on Long Island. Since the campaigning will be over, we will be even more open to covering candidates of other parties, and candidates who we don’t like, but might win or make a big splash, anyway. Also, what the peace amd progressive community thinks, and what they will need to do, based on whomever wins for President of the United States.

Look forward to having you stop by and maybe make a comment or two. If you need to e-mail us, please send to votewilder at yahoo dot com. If you have exciting, election news, please feel free to call us until midnight (on Election Night Only!) at (631) 422-4702.

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  3. Happy election day!

    Stop by Green Change’s election party tonight to check results from hot Green races, share your thoughts, connect with friendly people and maybe even plant some seeds for future action. It’ll take a minute to sign up, but tonight’s events will be worth every second:

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