Good news for electoral activists: 6th Circuit issues excellent opinion

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News
6th Circuit Issues Excellent Opinion on Need to Treat All Voters Equally

On November 26, the 6th circuit issued an opinion in League of Women Voters v Brunner, no. 06-3335, which has excellent philosophy about the protection given to each voter by the U.S. Constitution. This specific case was filed in 2005, alleging that election administration in Ohio is so flawed, all voters are at risk of being deprived of the right to vote. ..The state had moved to get the case dismissed without a trial. The U.S. District Court had said a trial is warranted. Now the 6th circuit has agreed with the U.S. District Court, and the case will proceed to trial.

The 6th circuit said, “The right to vote is a fundamental right, preservative of all rights. The right to vote includes the right to have one’s vote counted on equal terms with others…The idea that every voter is equal to every other voter in his State, when he casts his ballot in favor of one of several competing candidates, underlies many of our decisions…Having once granted the right to vote on equal terms, the State may not, by later arbitrary and disparate treatment, value one person’s vote over that of another…” These are all quotes from past U.S. Supreme Court decisions, including the December 12, 2000 opinion Bush v Gore…

The rest of the story is: here.

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