Jan 2012: BAN reviews 3 books for political junkies

As hopeless political junkies, we are long-time fans of Richard Winger and his publication, Ballot Access News.  Winger has been a champion of ballot freedom, and has become a recognized expert nationwide.  His is a generous and giving man who holds a nonpartisan mission to grant equal access for voters.  He edits a monthly newsletter […]

What’s happening in politics? (For those of us ready, or at least curious, about politics now that Christmas is over…)

Three places with interesting updates on grassroots, third party, and independent politics: Ballot Access News is always valuable to check out. Richard Winger is a ballot access expert who constantly studies and comments on electoral justice, ballot access law, third party building, independent and third party candidates, and petition drives. Independent Political Report strives to […]

MD Green Party Calls for Non-Discriminatory Governor Debates

The Maryland Green Party calls on debate sponsors, participants, and supporters to allow all ballot-qualified candidates to participate in this year’s Governor debates. Martin O’Malley and Robert Ehrlich are scheduled to participate in a debate moderated by WJZ anchor Denise Koch on Monday, October 11.  Green Party Governor candidate Maria Allwine has not been invited. […]

What can an activist do in the lull after election day?…

Well, have to mention for just 5 more days, that if you believe in environmental peace and justice, the campaign is not over! This Saturday, December 6, there is a chance to elect Malik Rahim to Congress. Info at: www.votemalik.com But…for everyone who cares about voting and democracy…this is an important season for electoral activism. […]

Good news for electoral activists: 6th Circuit issues excellent opinion

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News 6th Circuit Issues Excellent Opinion on Need to Treat All Voters Equally On November 26, the 6th circuit issued an opinion in League of Women Voters v Brunner, no. 06-3335, which has excellent philosophy about the protection given to each voter by the U.S. Constitution. This specific case was filed […]

Ballot Access News: Profound thoughts on tolerance for minor/third parties

from Ballot Access News Lesson of 2004 and 2008: Major Parties Perform Better When They Tolerate Minor Party Opposition November 4th, 2008 There are many, many historical markers from tonight’s election. One that must not be forgotten is this: major parties that disrespect voters by trying to eliminate minor party and independent candidates, live to […]

Ballot Access News: Alternative Party/Third Party Candidates Tipped Scales

(Excerpt from) Ballot Access News: Minor Party, Independent Presidential Candidates May Have Tipped 4 States November 4th, 2008

Nader, McCain and the Independence Party Line in NY

(All eyes on local politician, Phil Boyle, whom Ian and I know from the Third Party Club) (excerpt) from Ballot Access News Who Will Be New York Independence Party Nominee for President? September 7th, 2008 New York’s ballot-qualified Independence Party has yet to decide whom it will run for president. Here is a Newsday op-ed […]

What’s fair: Democrats, Republicans, and precedent in Texas

If you are following the story, please check Ballot Access News for the latest updates and analyses. This story is getting more and more interesting. In Texas, the Democratic Party and Republican Party screwed up, and did not file some paperwork on time. It appears that this means that neither the Democratic nor Republican nominees […]

Ballot Access Summary

Ballot Access News has some of the best information on ballot access. And, its editor/publisher Richard Winger is often very helpful with questions. The answers to all your ballot access questions can probably be found there. That said, in a different place, I just stumbled across a very enlightening chart about ballot access for the […]