Alan Singer: In New York Gubernatorial Campaign, It’s Getting Easier to Be Green

Before I go any further, I need to state that I am a tee-shirt wearing member of the New York State Green Party (we don’t have membership cards). The Green Party is running Howie Hawkins, a teamster from the Rochester area who works for UPS for governor and Gloria Mattera, a health professional and community organizer from Brooklyn for lieutenant governor. I think the Green Party campaign is different from the campaigns of the other minor candidates and from the major parties and bears close attention, not because they will win anything, but because they have the potential to reshape political dialogue in the state and the nation.

Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera were in Brooklyn on Sunday, September 26th, to participate in a giant block party called the Atlantic Antic. After the block party we met and spoke together at a Green Party fund-raiser in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Jon Stewart has accused minority parties on the left and right of promoting extremism and of irrationality. In the case of the New York Greens, Stewart is definitely wrong! Hawkins and Mattera are two of the most rational and thoughtful people I have met in the political arena. They make the Democratic and Republican Party candidates look like the irrational extremists.

via Alan Singer: In New York Gubernatorial Campaign, It’s Getting Easier to Be Green.

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