The King’s Speech: PG-13 version will be out this weekend

There is some controversy about the way this was done. The movie, “The King’s Speech” is a wonderful exploration of how people overcome problems, disabilities, and fear of success. It tells the story of King George, who struggled with stuttering. The movie won for “Best Picture”. Though, it was rated R. The producers decided to revise the movie and re-release it. Regardless of the controversy, I think this film is well worth seeing. – KW

(excerpt from) The Hollywood Reporter
PG-13 ‘King’s Speech’ Hits Theaters Friday

…In an unprecedented move, the Weinstein Co. is releasing a tamer version of a movie, and pulling the original — rated R for repeated uses of the F-word — from theaters. It’s a bold move designed to bring in families.

The offending word has been muted…

To date, King’s Speech has grossed $373.6 million at the worldwide box office, including $135 million domestically.

The new version is going out in 1,007 theaters in the United States…

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