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Police shoot and kill man at his home in Selden, LI, NY

Kevin Callahan

Update: A family member has informed me via e-mail, that Kevin Callahan’s funeral will be today, Saturday, September 24th. Condolences to the family. RIP Kevin Callahan.

This situation is extra fishy. Please see the official press release and my notes under the article. -KW

via NBC News/AP

A Long Island man [26-year-old Kevin Callahan] has been shot and killed by police officers during a confrontation at the man’s [Selden] home…

He was pronounced dead at the scene…

[Suffolk County] Police did not say if a weapon was recovered or how many shots were fired. No other details were immediately available.

The official press release on this police shooting does not note the race or ethnicity of Kevin Callahan. I think it is important information considering events in Suffolk County. If anyone know Mr. Callahan, or has a photo of him, please e-mail me, or put a link in the comments. [See photo, submitted to me by a family member, at left]

This morning, I tried to express my concern over the shooting, and ask basic questions about what happened. The police and government officials were not helpful. I feel like they are wrong in how they are handling the information.

I called a number on the Suffolk Police website that said “Public Info”. A woman there DID NOT KNOW about the incident, asked me what situation I was talking about, and then directed me to Central Records.

Central Records was probably not the place to be at all. (As told to me later by Eileen from Commissioner Dormer’s office). At Central Records, there was a menu, and then I was ultimately disconnected to a busy signal.

I called my Suffolk County Legislator’s office. They took my phone number, so they may get back to me. But, a woman there was unaware of the shooting last night, and said that the police were under the County Executive, not the Legislature. The woman at the Leg’s office gave me the phone number for the Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy’s office.

At Steve Levy’s office, I got Carol and Colleen on the phone, who seemed to be secretaries or receptionists. Carol disconnected me when she said she was transferring me. Then, Colleen finally transferred me to Stacy, who I was told was an Aid to Steve Levy. Stacy at Steve Levy’s Office said I needed to call Commissioner Dormer’s Office for that info. Stacy gave me the number (631) 852-6000. That number is a generic number for the police.

The woman at 852-6000 was friendly and polite. She gave me a number for Commissioner Dormer’s Office.

At Commissioner Dormer’s Office, I spoke with Eileen. Eileen said that Public Info should not have given me to Central Records. Eileen expressed surprise that I did not know the name of the woman at Public Info, and seemed to imply that meant I was wrong. I told Eileen the specific question I wanted to know in regard to race/ethnicity. Then, Eileen said she would switch me to Public Info again, and they should have known more info, that a press release was issued. Eileen told me the numbers were (631) 852-6308 or (631) 852-6309. When I called those numbers, they were both busy.

Here is the press release which I guess Eileen at Commissioner Dormer’s Office was referring to. It gives no more info than the AP Story. It does not say anything about Kevin Callahan’s ethnicity or race, the question I asked of her (and others)…


For Immediate Release

Incident: Police Officer Involved Shooting
Location: 14 Franklin Ave., Selden
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 12:35 p.m.

The Suffolk County Police Department Homicide Squad is investigating a police officer involved shooting that occurred in Selden this afternoon.

At 12:35 p.m., police were called to a report of a man with a gun at 14 Franklin Ave., Selden. When police officers arrived at the scene, they found Kevin Callahan standing in the doorway. As police approached the door, Callahan, 26, went inside the home. After police followed Callahan into the home, Callahan got into a confrontation with the police officers and was subsequently shot by the officers.

Callahan, who lived at the home, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The investigation is continuing.


42 Responses

  1. He is white

  2. Thanks to the folks who answered my question about the race of Kevin Callahan. Based upon a news reporter’s info, and some anonymous posts, We believe that Kevin Callahan was “white”. Now, we would like to hear the rest of the details. Was there a weapon at the scene? How many shots were fired? What happened?


    We are deleting gossip and negative comments about Kevin Callahan. A person who has died deserves a few days of mourning and extra respect. Also, let the police explain in public what they should explain. Then, people can take time to review Kevin Callahan’s behavior.


    Please only post comments that add true, concrete and proveable information to the story. And, please be sure to say your name, if you are witnessing against a person who is dead and cannot speak for himself.

    • Kevin was a part of my daughters history. he was not a bad guy by no means but a product of the Rap music lifestyle attraction that leads most kids of today to a life of drug and alcohol addiction as well as crime. Unless the police produce a gun they had no reason to kill an unarmed man. They have tazers as well as billy clubs a beating or getting tazed is the right way to go not to shot a person 5-7 times. WTF is going on in this world. My son went thru this problem with drugs we lived in Selden until 2003 and since it has gotten so much worse. Please get this word out SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE HAD NO RIGHT TO SHOOT KEVIN CALLAHAN
      Signed another parent of society

  3. I do not know what happened, but Kevin is a caucasian male. I use to live around the block from there and we waited for the bus together every day in middle school. It’s a sad story. I’m sure if there was a confrontation another means could have been used. I understand that if you value your life you are going to make sure it keeps going, but I highly doubt that inside a home you can’t use a tazor to control someone if need be. It sounds a little bit fishy to me. Sad Sad Story. RIP Kevin!

  4. Kevin was a great person and like all of us he had made mistakes in the past but had a bright future ahead of him. I dont know what happened that day but from what they are saying on the news it all just doesnt add up. So did police recover a gun at the scene? I doubt it! I just hope justice is served for him as well as his family. And for any and all you people out there that feel the need to come on here and comment about a man that can no longer defend himself just remember that it could be you thats on the other side of this and have some respect! R.I.P Kev.. forever in our hearts.

  5. kevin was murdered…no ifs ands or buts…stoned cold murdered

  6. The real question is why? Two officers against one why was it necessary to shot to kill? The police will not even answer how many times he was shot or if he was armed, which I believe he wasn’t. Very fishy to say the least.

    Btw he is a white Irish lad.

  7. I have never met or know anything about Kevin Callahan, but he was only 26, and I would also like to know what happened..at 12:35 p.m. that caused him to die..by a police gunshot…

  8. What about some sympathy for the police that were involved? They obviously got called to the persons’ house for a specific dangerous purpose. In most cases people do not get shot by an officer of the law for no apparent reason. People who have been stating “murder,” should let the professionals do their job and investigate the situation.

    • Sympathy for the police that were involved? Why should we? They got to go home to their familes right? Kevin lost his life in the hands of those who are “suppose” to protect us. The 6th precint is one of the worst! And yes, Kevin was MURDERED! And whos investigating it? It seems like the police arent doing anything about it and news 12 has reporsted any new findings so maybe they are hoping people will drop it and they will get away with yet another MURDER. And from what some neightbors are saying.. their was 5-6 shots fired… is that nessecary for a man that wasnt even armed?? I dont think so.. Justice needs to be served so Kevin can R.I.P

    • I was his neighbor and was on my back deck with rifle armed swat team perched on my fence pointing at his house. I heard the shots. He was shot thru a closed door. We heard the detective say he had no gun and he was shot 3 times.

  9. A 26 year old unarmed man is shot and killed in his own home and there are only ten comments on here. Newsday and Channel 12 seem to already have dropped the story. The Suffolk County Police Department had best tell us what happened. Don’t let this go unnoticed. Stand up and shout! KEVIN CALLAHAN WAS MURDERED! PLEASE….

    • To Kevin’s Uncle – Many thanks for your comments. And, I hear you, that more people should be concerned. But, to let you know…this is a small blog. 10 comments is actually a whole bunch! I do think that more people in the regular press should be writing about this. The Suffolk Police Department should have to answer questions much faster about a person who they killed. It might help if people wrote letters to the editor, or called the Police Department, or the Suffolk County Executive’s Office to demand more information now, and a report asap. Condolences on your loss. – Kimberly

  10. Murdered in cold blood: thats exactly what happened!the police were gun happy: failed to properly evalute the situation: many other means could have been used if there was any confronation! From what I heard he retreated to his BEDROOM where he was shot: IN COLD BLOOD! BY POLICE! gun happy police can snuff out your life in a matter of minutes! We cannot bring him back to life: soooo whatever the police have to pay for this crime against an innocent victium cannot ever re-pay the wrong! [Sentence deleted by moderator] He was a very sweet fellow on the mend and had a funny personality: I only met him a few times but this has damaged a family! My daughter is engaged to his brother! I hope to see justice for this crime but like I said before his life is gone over! For What?????


    Editor’s comment: onthewilderside cannot confirm if the people posting are real. We are mostly letting any positive comments about the victim through, considering that the police have not issued a report, or even basic information, yet.

    • correction: what I meant to type was “he retreated to his bedroom where he was shot: IN COLD BLOOD! BY POLICE!

  11. Thank you for giving this case the attention it deserves.

  12. Once again…. My comments werent posted cause just like te media this blog fuels hype. I’m sorry to hear about Kevin but as I said before… The police did not know what they were walking into. They knew “man with gun”. If the cops say freeze the you FREEZE and comply!!!! “Retreating” to your bedroom is a death wish. Cops are trained that he’s most likely taking cover to stand his ground and fight. And in reality 99% of the time that’s exactly what happens… A shoot out!!! So like I said before… Very sorry to hear about Kevin but you guys really need to open your minds. Think rationally.

    • Dear Realist99:

      I have stated that on this blog, we are currently moderating unfair and unkind comments about Kevin. The reason is not that we fuel hype. The reason is that Kevin is dead and can’t speak for himself. And, the Suffolk County Police have given so little information to the public, they are clearly hiding something.

      There is a balance. You are on one side. Perhaps we are on the other. But, the fair path is down the middle. And, me pulling towards the direction of more government accountability and more compassion won’t make near enough of a drag away from: the power of the Suffolk County Police; the right-wing unkindness of the present Suffolk County Executive; and the unkind, status-quo covering, right-wing tendency of the regular press (including Newsday).

      So, I hope you are happy that you have expressed your point of view now, in a way that did not completely vilify a dead person. And, I let your opinion up.

      When the Suffolk County Police issue a somewhat detailed report of their side of the story, I will be letting more of the old comments through.

      Thanks for your time.


      • Perhaps you are correct, KW. I am sure that you commented close to the same response regarding vilifying a deceased individual when the US Govt. sent in those responsible for the death of an individual, who also found solice and safety in his bedroom, namely; Bin Laden. And those who refuse to divulge all the pertinant information to you, at your request received the same unbiased, neutral response. As you profess, no one knows what exactly happened at the moment, yet, your grumbling is more towards the ‘government’ and the method to which pertinent information in a case of deadly physical force by police, is divulged to the public, than the question as to why someone chose to call the police from his residence, state he had a gun, and ask for help? Stop complaining about Stevy Levys response to your call, and ask why were the police there in the first place? Maybe some light would be shed then. People here are stating they are his “family”, why arent they addressing these points as well? Being fair and neutral and not casting blame

        • Nowhere in the released police report did it say where the call reporting a gun was placed FROM. Nowhere did it say Mr Callahan “asked for help”. Please stick to the facts.

          The issue is the police report itself AND the lack of coverage by local media in regards to this incident.

          • “, than the question as to why someone chose to call the police from his residence, state he had a gun, and ask for help? ”
            Why SOMEONE would call the police and say that Mr. Callahan has a gun…not that HE called. It was released HE was in doorway and that it WAS a gun call. You should also add the FLIP SIDE as to WHY and also level blame in the beginning about WHO called and WHO stated he had a GUN and that started the ball rolling in that department..LEADING police to be at an alert for a gun right from the start. The caller, Mr. CAllahans response upon police arrival, and police response. ITS ALL ACCOUNTIBILITY

        • How can you compare the death of a known terrorist who organized an attack against our country and killed thousands of innocent people to the death of an unarmed civillian in his own home. The police searched the house and never found a gun. The reason they aren’t releasing any information is because they have to come up with a cover up story so the officer(s) who shot him don’t go to jail and make the department look bad.
          Kevin was a good person who had a rough past. The officer(s) who shot him need to pay for what they did and spend some time in prison just like anyone without a badge would have to do if they killed an unarmed person.
          RIP Kevin. You will be missed.

    • the police would NEVER have walked in to a home or establishment if they knew the person had a gun SWAT would have been called immideatly i am a close personal friend of Kevin Callahan i attented his services he was MURDERED in cold blood by suffolk countys finest now like i said they would never have gone in if he really had a gun nor would they have chanced it so my point is they knew he wasnt armed they just wanted to make news

  13. I find it disturbing that people are “disliking” comments regarding thanks for bringing this incident to attention – it seems the account of trying to find truth behind an event where the police may have made a serious judgement error is tragically fairly typical.

    Perhaps if the SCPD utilized cameras, the public would be more likely to believe they are acting lawfully when performing their duties.
    Here is a similar story from Texas that has resulted in a trial program to provide more accountability for law enforcement:

    Also in Oakland, lapel mounted cameras have resulted in a DROP in civilian complaints of police misconduct:

    • In response to ‘Concerned4TruthandJustice’ a direct quote from the article link pertaining to, as you say (LOL) “have resulted in a DROP in civilian complaints of police misconduct” is this, “The devices are intended as a transparency tool, to hold officers accountable for their actions during interactions with the public, and to deter false complaints against officers. “It’s also to remind some of our citizens who make frivolous complaints that, hey, you’re being watched,” said Captain Tracey. “It holds accountability at both levels.”
      Not in implied, nor stated text is there anything backing your statement. Recorded moments on patrol, have most probably LOWERED the “founded” complaints by the public, as once those have been pissed off by being caught will still think they will be thought correct or use the threat to get out of tickets, arrests, or a different action by police.

      • Lowered or drop in, you can split hairs all day if you want.. I didn’t say “founded complaints” – what WAS in fact implied was an overall drop in complaints of civilian misconduct by police. My statement stands correct. I’m glad SOMEONE actually read the links though!

        Aside from legalese debates, the issue of transparency and accountability of police actions – especially those involved in deadly force situations – remains.

        • FYI..there are several units in SCPD that do have camera contact. Another reason, and I do believe this is correct, is that ALL deadly physical force cases do have to go before a Grand Jury? Until that occurrs, this probably will not be for public knowledge. This will be after the investigation. It will be accountable by a panel or jury then. The Grand Jury are still those taken from a Jury pool of “peers”, not of other Police personnel. I am sure whatever decision comes from the Grand Jury will be just and accountability and your thought of “transparency” will be answered and laid to rest.

  14. this case gives me the chills, Kevin Callahan was murdered. Respect the family and friends and keep your arrogant comments to yourself, if you’re not involved – keep it that way. This has nothing to do with your life and you should be thankful of that.

  15. Kevin Callahan was without a doubt murdered in cold blood! Not just gunned down in the privacy of his home.. no.. Kevin was gunned down by the ones who are suppose to “serve and protect.” Suffolk County 6th murdered Kevin! It is complete bullshit that this story has been dropped from the media. Because of those trigger happy cops a mother has lost her son at only 26. Kevin’s brothers and sister had to bury him, no family should have to go through this… Especially because of Suffolk County Cops! Kevin Callahan was murdered in cold blood and someone has to pay for it, but in usual Suffolk County Police style those bastards will probably get a slap on the wrist and be sent on their way for donuts.
    Rest In Paradise Kevin…”Fighting Irish” May the road rise to meet you….

    • You are serious? You are posting a video about a car chase in July? Between a camera man and the police? and using it here? Good grief…go post your nonsense on the youtube link

      • Hello, K Okane,

        The video is to illustrate the police department’s overall level of injustice, and lack of accountability. the video of the police officer wrongly telling a media person to leave a scene was a proven case of the police infringing on 1st amendment rights, and interfering with the media.

        Thanks, Chris, for posting the video, and helping keep accountability alive.


        • So start another thread…Label it “How we choose to view the police department.” Not applicable in this shooting incident. Two different cops, two diff places…etc…or we could go on forever, further from your crusade to honor the deceased in your own article.
          I’m sure more will come out of the woodwork. No one is ever happy conforming to rules, and being told what to do. There should be loads of threads for you.

    • Although “one officer … has seen civilian complaints against him drop dramatically since he began wearing the Vievu device [lapel camera],” http://informant.kalwnews.org/2011/03/lapel-cameras-are-now-part-of-oakland-polices-uniform/
      at least one Suffolk Sargent is willing to violate the First Amendment to avoid camera scrutiny.
      Could this be because he thinks his own conduct won’t bear such scrutiny?
      Or is he just uninformed?
      Or are such Constitutional violations routine for him?
      How might such Constitutional violations indicate unsound practices being tolerated by the Department?
      Might tolerated unsound practices lead to unwarranted deaths such as Kevin’s?
      Or reduce the perceived credibility of all officers?
      Or make it harder for officers to defend themselves from false allegations?
      Isn’t it important for their perceived legitimacy, for the entire department to at least try to behave in a manner beyond reproach? Even if it’s not always easy?

  16. Sergeant (normally abbreviated to Sgt) is a rank used in some form by most militaries, police forces, and other uniformed organizations around the world. …
    Just in case your spell check isn’t working.
    And if you read back, and you learn of procedure, a Grand Jury (which to the public is a group of people of the public-not police personnel) will validate or chose to recommend the D.A. bring charges against the Officer involved. If nothing comes out of it, then the Officer was judged and cleared.
    Keep the posts related to the thread. There wasn’t any video involved, and if you feel that all Suffolk Police Officers should be wired with mic and video, feel free to start up a fund to collect money to gift to Suffolk to institute it. Then raise taxes to keep th thing running.

    • Accountability shouldn’t be based on “gifts”, and taxes for services that the public cannot be guaranteed are being provided (in this case, carrying out the law) are typically viewed as fraudulent by some. Equal to accountability, police cameras actually provide officer safety. They enable potential identification of suspects involved in a situation where an officer is killed in the line of duty and there is not a witness available. They protect the police from frivolous complaints when carrying out their duty.

      I digresss, the main idea of this thread (I believe) is the complete lack of any investigative reporting from any media. They simply posted the police report and did no follow-through. The one televised report I saw contained a short “interview” with someone who lived near by, and in the report’s narration, the home was incorrectly described as “a drug house”.

    • Spelling Sgt.
      The English borrowed the word “sergeant” from the French in about the Thirteenth Century. They spelled it several different ways and pronounced it both as SARgent and SERgeant. The latter was closer to the French pronunciation. The SARgeant pronunciation became the most popular, however, so that when the Nineteenth Century dictionary writers agreed that the word should be spelled “sergeant” they could not change the popular pronunciation. Thus, we say SARgeant while the French and others say SERgeant.

      English and French: in medieval times this did not denote a rank in the army, but was an occupational name for a servant, Middle English, Old French sergent (Latin serviens, genitive servientis, present participle of servire ‘to serve’). The surname probably originated for the most part in this sense, but the word also developed various more specialized meanings, being used for example as a technical term for a tenant by military service below the rank of a knight, and as the name for any of certain administrative and legal officials in different localities, which may also have contributed to the development of the surname. The sense ‘non-commissioned officer’ did not arise until the 16th century.

      To see graphs of books using these alternate spellings from 1500-2000 AD see:

      • Are we in France? 19th Century? The badge and rank and file have it as the Sergeant. Come into this century, and into the United States. And look at the locale of the video you posted the link for (in of all places youtube.com). This is 2011, the incident video you posted did not pertain to the issue that began this post, and the incidents BOTH occurred in Suffolk County, not France, and not in the 1800’s

  17. everyone this has been online since kevins death: post a message so all concerns can be heard and seen!

  18. He was MURDERED and I cant take it anymorw how is it the 6th precint gets to disrespect almost every person they encounter and get away.with being big bullys!!!! But this is by far the most disqusting thing ever I knew kevin since I was 12 im 24 now and I know kevin how dare anyone shame him or jusify the police actions !!!!!!!!! there is now excuse or justification for MURDER and as for his family if u need anything just email.me at.urbangoddess235@yahoo.com [comments deleted by editor] im soo sry for your loss R I P kev miss ya!

  19. Kevin was a young man who I had the pleasure to work with in the same truck 8hrs a day for a period of 7 months. During that time, this young man was a normal acting hardworking construction coworker. I never once heard him talk about guns at all. The shock of his death truely puzzled me. The lack of information after is an affront to our rights as citizens but more so because it is an injustice to the life of Kevin , his family and friends.

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