Fracking linked to earthquakes

Earthquakes are evidently enough to shake people up. “Fracking” is trending on Yahoo. Below is the current news, and some previous onthewilderside warnings that hydraulic fracturing to find natural gas causes earthquakes. (Also, a video to remind Long Islanders that we can get earthquakes, too.)

(excerpt from) Reuters
Study raises new concern about earthquakes and fracking fluids
July 11, 2013

(Reuters) – Powerful earthquakes thousands of miles (km) away can trigger swarms of minor quakes near wastewater-injection wells like those used in oil and gas recovery, scientists reported on Thursday, sometimes followed months later by quakes big enough to destroy buildings.

The discovery, published in the journal Science by one of the world’s leading seismology labs, threatens to make hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which involves injecting fluid deep underground, even more controversial.

It comes as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducts a study of the effects of fracking, particularly the disposal of wastewater, which could form the basis of new regulations on oil and gas drilling.

Geologists have known for 50 years that injecting fluid underground can increase pressure on seismic faults and make them more likely to slip. The result is an “induced” quake…

Now seismologists at Columbia University say they have identified three quakes – in Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas – that were triggered at injection-well sites by major earthquakes a long distance away…

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