Clint Eastwood channeled Ron Paul

Clinton Eastwood channeled the voice of Ron Paul: The Afghanistan War is a bad idea; Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

Voting at the Green Party of New York State Presidential Convention

Join other New York State Green Party enrollees at the Oakwood Community Center in Troy, NY on May 19th for the GP NY’s 2012 Presidential State Nominating Convention!

Awakening: Our country is war

At the Democratic Convention in Denver, Joe Biden said: “Whose judgment should we trust? Should we trust John McCain’s judgment, when he said only three years ago, ‘Afghanistan, we don’t read about it anymore because it’s succeeded?’ “Or should we trust Barack Obama, who more than a year ago called for sending two additional combat […]

CNN: McKinney slams Democrats over Iraq war funding

from the CNN Political Ticker These days McKinney is the Green Party nominee for President, and she’s blasting the Democrats in Congress for not cutting off funding to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I’ve been liberated from the values that I believe are the failed values of the Democratic party. I’m proud to be […]

McKinney National Hip Hop Political Convention speech

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve connected with you.  I’ve been so busy doing things, meeting people, taking our message into every nook and cranny of this country!  And thanks to the members of the Green Party for officially giving me the authority to do so!!!!  What a political party that would nominate Rosa […]

The Green Party: What should be the central message?

This morning at the GP-US ANMC in Chicago, there was a workshop called “What is Central to the Green Message: Ecology? Democracy? Social Justice? The panel included Green Party of New York State Co-Chair Gloria Mattera. The panel was moderated by Mary Beth Sullivan of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space. […]

The National Hip Hop Political Convention: July/Aug 2008

From the web-site “Thug Life Army” some notes on artists and presenters at this event: Confirmed Guests and Speakers for the 2008 National Hip Hop Political Convention include: Byron Hurt, Asheru, Davey D, Rev. Lenox Yearwood, Boots Riley, Rosa Clemente, Camp Lo, Haiku D’Tat, Jeff Chang, Gamblers Crew, Knucklehead Zoo, Popmaster Fabel, Rebel Diaz, The […]

Ron Paul officially drops out of race. Will hold shadow convention.

KW: I fear that I had taken Ron Paul off our Prez ’08 page already, weeks ago. But, I will check again. I think I heard he was running as a Republican, and that John McCain was the Republican nominee, and I thought that was it. Gotta catch up with that People’s Prez page. So […]

Chicago 1968-2008: Presidential Convention T-shirts

Front: 1968…2008 Green Party “This time the peace movement is inside the convention.” Ian and I had fun working on a t-shirt to express the irony that in 1968, the Democrats held a convention where they would not let the peace movement inside. And, now, in 2008, the Democrats will still probably keep the peace […]

MI Green party Picks Presidential Delegates

Michigan Greens Apportion, Elect Convention Delegates Unanimously McKinney Wins 13 of 19 Statewide Votes for 1st Ballot at GPUS Convention July 10-13 in Chicago; 3 for Nader; 1 Each for Mesplay, Swift, Uncommitted; Locals Will Pick, Instruct 5 More Delegates Party Starting Drives to Boost Membership,Recruit Record Number of Candidates; Will Post “Announced” Candidates List […]