Despite police raids & arrests, Minn. Green Party joins RNC antiwar, antipoverty protests

Green Party members have been among those targeted for harassment and intimidation by police in a wave of pre-emptive actions taken before the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. On Saturday police surrounded the home of Michael Whelan, a long-time Green Party supporter, whose Arise Bookstore at one time housed the party’s office.  He was […]

McKinney/Clemente compared with Obama/Biden on US war policies, impeachment, energy

Greens compare McKinney/Clemente and Obama/Biden on US war policies, impeachment, environment, and energy The Green Party promotes the ‘Peace Slate’ and call Obama/Biden the ‘faux antiwar’ ticket, citing Obama’s record and warhawk positions on military funding, US troops in Afghanistan, threats against Iran; McKinney speaks out on Dems’ complicity in Bush-Cheney hijacking of the US […]

How does McKinney/Clemente compare to Obama/Biden on health care, labor, & economy?

The Green Imperative: A strong social safety net for all Americans, including quality health care regardless of ability to pay, employment, age, or prior medical condition Green Party leaders challenged the media and campaign hype of the Democratic National Convention by comparing the positions taken by Barack Obama and Joe Biden with the Green presidential […]

Rosa Clemente Speaks Tonight!

GREEN PARTY VICE-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROSA CLEMENTE TO PARTICIPATE  IN “OPEN THE DEBATES” RALLY IN DENVER Rosa Clemente, the recently nominated vice- presidential candidate running with former Congresswoman Cynthia  McKinney on the Green Party ticket, will join Ralph Nader, Matt  Gonzalez, Val Kilmer, Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan, Tom Morello, Jello  Biafra, Nellie McKay, and Ike Reilly […]

As promised: Some of All Parts “Historical Moment” Video

Wow! That was fast. First there was the audio posted here. Then, the band said they were working on the video. Here is is. Hot off the youtube. Cynthia McKinney for President, Rosa Clemente for Vice President, the Green Party for the future…Very exciting. Has clips from the convention in Chicago and lots more cool […]

Bumping into Cynthia McKinney…

I love this very short youtube video. It is from a blogger who ran into Cynthia McKinney in a hallway at the convention and asked her one question… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcdJuzPWRYM]

Two videos on the web, plus a workshop today (8/15) on Democratizing the Electoral College

Below the jump are the long video and new 10 minute youtube, of Asa Gordon describing his Electoral College/Proportional Apportionment lawsuits. This strategy of Asa Gordon’s way of making the Electoral College and the national vote for President more democratic.

McKinney National Hip Hop Political Convention speech

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve connected with you.  I’ve been so busy doing things, meeting people, taking our message into every nook and cranny of this country!  And thanks to the members of the Green Party for officially giving me the authority to do so!!!!  What a political party that would nominate Rosa […]

Video: Inside the Green Party – Platform Discussions, etc.

The following video includes critique and celebration of the Green Party of the United States 2008 Platform Process. It is the kind of self-reflection that probably only a few Green devotees will enjoy. Please enjoy and share with Green Party friends or Green Party locals who should be in the know about the national party […]

Daily Greens Video: How The Green Party Works