Green Party National Meeting wrap-up

KW writes: The Green Party of the United States (GP-US) held is Annual National Meeting in Durham, North Carolina. It was an off election year and non-presidential prep year, so the focus was on workshops, issues, local candidate elections, and internal elections.

Green Party Nat’l Meeting: Friday eve update

Post meeting wrap-up with full list of Steering Committee candidates: here Roger Snyder, GP-US NC Rep for New York and Chair of the Green Party of Suffolk, is on the ground in Durham, North Carolina for the Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting. Here are some reports from Roger: One of the […]

Photos and update: Green Party national meeting in Durham

Friday evening update is at the wilderside: here. – About the workshop: “Constructive Critique of the US Green Party…” – Constructive Critique of the U.S. Green Party and Recommendations for Improvement (Workshop) 9:00-10:30