Day After: No More Stolen Elections

No More Stolen Elections advocate Sarah Manksi taped at the 11/4/12 debate.

Voting Info? Voting Problems? Hotline, etc.

Democray Now! gave out some good voter information this morning. If you have trouble voting today, you can contact Election Protection‘s voting hotline at: 1-866-ourvote or 1-866-687-8683

Video AND For Voter Support In Suffolk (631) 650-2301

[youtube=] Video of some of the volunteers with the PeaceSmiths, Inc. Voter Support Project. Please feel free to call with election and voting questions.

4:19pm: Round-up of voting anecdotes on Long Island

[For Voter Support in Suffolk County, call: (631) 650-2301. A grassroots volunteer can try to answer questions about voting rights and voting rules.] I have to admit, Newsday has interesting coverage and lots of video of voting places on Long Island. There synposis is: “Turnout Through The Roof”. Here are my anecdotes garnered from my […]

Voter Advice for Election Day

Note: In Suffolk County, some grassroots citizens have gotten help from PeaceSmiths, Inc. and the Suffolk New York Civil Liberties Union to have a local, Voter Support Hotline. That number, for Suffolk County voters, is: (631) 650-2301. The national phone number for Election Protection from a coalition of groups including the American Civil Liberties Union […]