Bill Moyers comments on Dark Knight/Colorado shooting and gun control

Kimberly’s humble opinion on gun control: It would be ridiculous for the government and society to do nothing to monitor the kind and size of weapons that people have. Should everyone have the right to carry a rocket launcher? Do people need automatic weapons for personal protection? I also think it is sad that President […]

Obama goes to War with Mexico instead of Corrupt Gun Dealers

from AMY GOODMAN: Much of the drug-related violence in Mexico has been fueled by the ability of drug cartels to purchase AK-47 assault rifles and other arms in the US. According to law enforcement officials, 90 percent of the guns picked up in Mexico from criminal activity are purchased in the United States. Last […]

Disarm the Terrorists

Brady Campaign Working to Close the Terror Gap and Deny Firearms to Terrorists There is government-documented evidence that terrorists have armed themselves with guns purchased in the U.S. This Terror Gap threatens our safety. We don’t want to wait until after a tragedy occurs. We can do something about it now. Click to learn more […]

God Not Guns Sabbath 9/30/07

In partnership with Riverside Church in New York City, the Brady Center’s God Not Guns Coalition is coordinating a nationwide “God Not Guns Sabbath” for this upcoming weekend. The Coalition invites communities of every faith to commemorate the lives lost to gun violence and renew the commitment to a vision of a peaceable world. Please […]

Updates to People’s President Page

Hello! Today I have done some much needed catching up on the People’s President Page. When I neglect my duties too much, I take hope in the fact that I also send people to, where Ron G. keeps things running like clockwork (except when he is on vacation, as he is now!) If you […]

Arrest George Bush! Arrest Dick Cheney! video


Sheehan announces she’ll run against Pelosi

from Raw Story: Anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan announced in Washington on Monday afternoon that she would challenge Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the 2008 Congressional election. “The Democrats will not hold this administration accountable so we have to hold them accountable, and I for one will step up to the plate and run […]

How NOT to Get Green Votes

from Dick Mac (alive!) post Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out A twenty-something Dem activist who called my house the week before the last election, insulted me when I told him I was not voting for the Dems, and had I been wavering on that day, his pompous, insulting remarks would have pushed me right over to the […]

Cindy Sheehan to announce against Nancy Pelosi

Want someone to vote for in November? Want something to believe in? If Nancy Pelosi does not file Articles of Impeachment against Bush by July 23rd, Peace Mom and Camp Casey founder Cindy Sheehan will run for Congress against Pelosi. (Tell me where to send the check!) -KW Sheehan considers challenge to Pelosi By […]

Call Out The Instigator by Cindy Sheehan

Call out the Instigator Because there’s something in the air We got to get together sooner or later Because the revolution’s here You know it’s right! -Thunderclap Newman I’m not backing off. I tried to remove myself from the political realm of the US, what BushCo is turning into an Evil Empire, but the blatant […]

Updates to People’s President Page

Our most exciting update, is that we have bought our own URL. Hoping that some people will bookmark the People’s President Page as the energy around Prez 2008 builds. [youtube=] Other updates this morning include: Added Green Party announced Vice Presidential hopeful SKCM Kinamo Curry to the Presidential list; Added Cindy Sheehan to the […]

“Camp Casey” saved for peace

The story was first broken at Bradblog. Here is some of the coverage from Bradblog: (excerpt) BLOGGED BY Brad Friedman ON 6/9/2007 5:27PM  Cindy Sheehan Hands ‘Camp Casey’ Deed to Bree Walker Progressive Radio Host [Bree Walker] Vows ‘Hallowed Ground’ near Bush Property in Crawford, TX, ‘Will Remain a Place for Protest Against War, a […]

Green Party thanks Cindy Sheehan

Green Party thanks Cindy Sheehan for her courage, dedication, and sacrifice as she retires from antiwar activism Green Party leaders offered their thanks to antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan for dedicating three years of her life to ending the Iraq War, in the wake of Ms. Sheehan’s announcement that she is retiring from the movement to […]

Sheehan: “We Will Retool…and Come at it from a Different Direction”

“We Will Retool…and Come at it from a Different Direction” – Cindy Sheehan Says She Will Return After Stepping Back as Antiwar Leader   AMY GOODMAN: And I want to read a few of the comments of our listeners and viewers and readers around the world that came in at On electoral politics, Gordon […]