Top Ten reasons why Van Jones should give up on Obama and the Democratic Party, come home to the Green Party

“As a Green, Van Jones can be a strong national voice for justice and the environment, independent of the constraints of the Democratic Party hierarchy, the corporate lobbies that pull their strings, and the right-wing appeasement and selling out of grassroots social movements that appears to be their strategy,” said Marian Douglas-Ungaro of the DC […]

Are The Democrats Out of Their Minds?

Note from Susan Blake: LI Veterans for Peace is organizing a candlelight vigil for the Sat. after the dreadfully anticipated 3,000th US soldier death for the memorial in Happaugue on Veterans Memorial Hwy.  Call (631)798-0778 for last minute confirmation of date/time.PeaceSmiths’ bus to DC on Jan. 27th will leave Lynbrook and Seaford LIRR Stations.  A fee […]

A Place Called Hope

A Place Called Hope by Kimberly Wilder Written: Democratic Primary Season, Election 2004 Re-dedicated to Dennis Kucinich: December 2006 This poem is a mission: Good people against Hope. There is no hope for American politics. No Democrat will rise up to save us. Democrat. Republican. Democrat. Republican. You lose. Either way. If you are a […]