Friends of the Edgewood Preserve 2011 Upcoming Events

All events that take place at the Edgewood Preserve are free of charge.  We always meet in the parking area, near the information kiosk. March 19, 2011, 7p.m. to 9p.m. Full Worm Moon Hike. Celebrate the full moon and the arrival of spring on Long Island.  Limited to 12 people. Reservations are required for this […]

Eclipse video and photos (was – “Eclipse is now!”)

Update: Video and some photos at Flickr. The sky above Long Island from midnight, with a bright moon to 2:45am, when the moon is hiding! And, the youtube video from our courtyard in North Babylon: Text of orginial post:

Did you notice the moon tonight?

It’s beautiful…

The Moon in February

Tonight was not a full moon. A scan of internet sites tells me that the full moon will be on Sunday. (Sun. Feb 28, 2010 at 16:38). Though, tonight’s moon was beautiful and powerful.

Saturday 1/9/2009: Biggest Full Moon of the Year!

2010 Update: The biggest moon of the year – also called “The Wolf Moon” by some Native Americans – already happened. It was Friday night, January 29, 2010. I saw it driving home from work, in a midnight blue sky. It was beautiful! A recent article is: here. Update: Link is here to  story with […]

A Blessing…

It is Monday night, about 10pm EST. I hope you will take this anecdote from my life as the spiritual blessing that it is. Make it your own blessing… Tonight I attended the Suffolk Peace Network Meeting. And, on this beautiful, clear night, as we were leaving the Bellport Unitarian Universalist – situated on the […]

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