Poem for Muntadhar Al-Zeidi, the eloquent shoe-tosser

I found this poem in a chapbook, on a table at the Poetry Project New Year’s Marathon Reading. I was startled with the resonance an old poem had with a new situation. And, I purchased the book. I thought it was a beautiful tribute and reflection on that moment when Iraqi journalist Muntadhar Al-Zeidi met […]

Poets in Port 12/08 Photos

You can go to the Persistent Fool for more information on the December 26, 2008 Poets in Port reading You can go to this post on the Persistent Fool for information on upcoming Poets In Port readings

Time to let the eloquent shoe-thrower go!: Release Al-Zeidi now!

Update: On Thursday, March 12, 2009 Al-Zeidi received a sentence of 3 years in prison. Story: here. ___________________________________________________________ “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.” — 28-year-old TV reporter Muntadhar al-Zaidi KW: I have many thoughts and feelings about Muntadhar al-Zaidi and his eloquence. Also, about the background […]

Poem for Marcelo Lucero, by George Wallace


Coming Together: A poem for Marcelo Lucero

Information on the rally and vigil on Saturday, Nov 22nd in Hempstead: here. Coming Together Under a moon just past full, Flashlight, lantern, candle in hand, Into the Autumn night They streamed, From places near and far To stand – With neighbor, with stranger With child on the shoulder, And Grandmothers with canes, Tired workers, […]

A belated welcome to ML and BC

By KW (that’s blogger talk for Kimberly Wilder): In case you did not get the shorthand, we have two guest bloggers for Election Night. Matt Lavery — aka ML — is a Suffolk County Green Party member. He has worked with an elected Green Party member in England. Matt recently spoke at one of our […]

Z List August 2008

On View through September 2008:      ‘Huntington Columns’, a Public Art Installation In Huntington, NY Columns built entirely out of bamboo, jute rope & solar lighting     by Thea Lanzisero, with guest artists including Sydra Nightingale      WHERE: Fair Meadow Park at Park Ave and Pulaski Road, Parking across the street at Citibank […]

Nadir of Democracy

sir may i please sir may i please sir may i please SIR MAY I PLEASE have back my civil liberties that you took away to protect my freedom sir may i please sir may i please have my girlfriend/wife/daughter’s reproductive rights that you let slip away away to protect your poll ratings sir may […]

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