Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger: Another lesson from Gulf of Mexico oil gusher blowout

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An open letter from geologist Chris Landau:

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger,

We do not want a BP-type Gulf of Mexico oil gusher blowout here. Complete the job. Stop oil pumping from offshore Santa Barbara Los Angeles drill rigs. Why take the risk?

Shut the offshore oil wells down off the Santa Barbara Coast.

Let’s not have a blowout like the one that occurred in The Gulf of Mexico, with the Deep- Water-Horizon-Transocean-BP gusher.

Now that you have seen the Gulf of Mexico Gusher from BP’s well and the damage that has been done, you have decided to cancel further drilling. That is a good. Now complete the job and pull the remaining drilling rigs out of the Pacific Ocean from Vandenberg Air Force Base past Santa Barbara to Los Angeles.

The Oil Rigs are all pumping oil from a gigantic 3000 mile fault zone crossing the Pacific Ocean.

The fault zone can be seen on Google maps in satellite mode. Pick Santa Barbara as a starting point and pan out. The devastation could be much worse than the Gulf of Mexico. All we need is an Earthquake to trigger multiple blowouts on this fault zone. Don’t forget 1969. Nobody wants to see that past blowout disaster repeated here. Shut all the offshore wells down. They are pumping oil from an active fault zone. It’s very dangerous to do so. It really needs to stop. Why take the risk?

Chris Landau (geologist)

May 5, 2010

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