Photo…Driving home from work: Free show!

KW: I wish I had captured the moment on tape. Though, I did get a photo quick enough. Wanna know what it’s about?…

It is a beautiful, Spring evening on Long Island. As I drove home from work, there were a lot of cars, so cars were backed up and stopped at each red light, though the driving was not as tedious as one might expect at rush hour. I had my window open to capture the fresh, slightly cool air. Then, across the street, I heard an interesting commotion. Three young children – probably age 6 to 10 – were at the laundromat with their mom. The hatchback of the car was open, and the bags of laundry must have seemed a curtain to them, and the busy traffic a captive audience. So, they were standing at the back of the car, facing the road, dancing and singing. “Who Let The Dogs Out”, they sang, as they shook their heads and waved their arms in a show for the cars going by. (That is, until their mom came out and put an end to it.)

Just the right entertainment for a tired night in Spring.

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