2010 LI School District Vote: Early Returns

2011 Update!
Current school board budget vote and election results
for May 17, 20011:
See onthewilderside post: click here.

2010 Newsday reports:

2010 results…

Polls close for most Long Island school districts at 9pm. And, for some districts 10pm.

As of 11:36pm, 114 districts report budget passed. 10 districts failed: Port Jefferson, Westbury, West Hempstead, Elwood, Herricks, Garden City, Levittown, East Rockaway, West Babylon, Wyandanch.*

Newsday’s chart/list of district budget results: Click here for chart.

School District Vote Stats story at Newsday: Click here for story. They appear to be updating at that link every once in awhile.


*KW notes: It is ironic that the school budgets in West Babylon School District and Wyandanch School District both failed: They are both in The Town of Babylon, on opposite sides of the racial divide. Maybe if they all got together, they could create more harmony, educate all the kids fairly, and pass a budget. (“City Data” lists West Babylon School District as 81.9% white, and the Wyandanch School District as .3% white. There are many inequities and injustices in government and quasi-governmental support for these two areas.)

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  2. “Maybe if they all got together, they could create more harmony, educate all the kids fairly, and pass a budget.”

    What does one school have to do with the other. Their budgets (and that they failed) are totally unrelated…just like you and I.

    • Bill,

      You sure you and I are unrelated?


      The Town of Babylon is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. That segregation does not happen by accident. It is a result of school district border lines, real estate steering, and other political and cultural factors in a community.

      About West Babylon and Wyandanch School District budget votes being unrelated – in the smaller picture, I guess you could say that this year, someone could not put a finger on the common reason that they both failed. But, my point is that the two districts are in the same town, and border each other. (How is that for being unrelated?). And, since school district problems are situations with histories, it is clear that parts of the problem could relate to which neighborhoods were put in, and which were put out, of the two school districts.

      Also, the kinds of racial tensions that exist in the white district trying to keep blacks out over the years, and the black district trying to deal with racism and all the politicians who will exploit it, is a lot of wasted energy that could have been put into educating children.

      Here is a map of the Town of Babylon and its communities, showing that West Babylon and Wyandanch are related by a physical border:


      Here is the Wikipedia entry for Wyandanch showing just some of the good and bad of its racial and cultural history. (The end of the story gets really propaganda-style, supporting efforts of the white, Democrat politicians in power doling out favors to certain people in certain ways, but the further back history is more correct and interesting.):


      Thanks for your comments.

      Kimberly Wilder

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