Working Families Party Tries to Undermine the Anti-Fracking Movement the Way It Undermined the Anti-War Movement 4 Years Ago

"no frack" image from muddledblog.wordpress.comHawkins Candidacy Worries WFP that Fracking Will End.

The Working Families Party (WFP: We’re Faux Progressives) told anti-war voters to support pro-war candidates on their line in 2006, and after they win never says another word about being anti-war.  Now, when it is just a few days after the Green Party nominates a strong anti-fracking candidate for Governor, Howie Hawkins, the WFP comes out with a faux anti-fracking action alert.

Q: What are should we be concerned about Fracking Fluid?

A:  from Most of the recent advances in fluid technology for shale gas recovery are owned by Halliburton. The gas industry describes fracking fluids as being “like soap and oil.” However, because Halliburton classifies the fracking fluids as proprietary, nobody knows for sure what is in them. Samples from well blowouts and fluids pits in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico found fluids to contain diesel fuel and more than 200 different kinds of chemicals, over 95% of which have adverse side effects including brain damage, birth defects and cancer.

Q: Why do I say the action alert is aimed at Hawkins?

A: Because the WFP action alert mentions only protecting the water in 2 cities, the WFP base of NYC and Hawkins home town of Syracuse. And it was released only a few days after Hawkins nomination.

Q: Why do I say it is a faux anti-fracking action alert?

A: Because it does not join the Green Party in calling for an outright ban on fracking.  Instead it calls for a moratorium until after the EPA study is done.  I bet that will stall the issue long enough to reach election day, and like WFP’s anti-war stance their opposition will fade away.

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