Green Party Presidential Candidate in Colombia: Election Results

Photo from Green Party of Colombia web-page

The Green Party is an international movement, whose parties around the world share the same values of: nonviolence; social and economic justice; ecological wisdom; and grassroots democracy. Antanas Mockus is the Green Party of Colombia candidate for President. Election Day was yesterday, May 30, 2010. In pre-election polling, Mockus was in a dead-heat with the more conservative, US-backed candidate, Juan Manuel Santos. Though, on election day, the result was 46.4% Santos to 21.5 percent Mockus. Still, Mockus was in second place, which qualifies him for the run-off election on June 20, 2010.

Some articles about the election:

As reported at the Christian Science Monitor:

Polls had suggested that upstart Antanas Mockus was in a dead heat with Juan Manuel Santos in the Colombia presidential election. But Mr. Santos won the first round handily. He will face Mr. Mockus on the final ballot on June 20…

[Antanas] Mockus, the green party candidate who has largely shunned traditional politics, relied on social networking sites such as Facebook to fuel his campaign. He has appealed to so many here, especially university students, the same way “outsiders” have won elections among voters tired of traditional politics across Latin America.

There has been ongoing coverage of the race, including an article in Spanish, at Green Party Watch.

An opinion piece at Colombia Reports on-line discusses the controversy about the difference between the polling and the outcome in this race, and explores accusations of possible fraud.

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  1. I can only hope that someday we have a candidate for any office who has half the qualities of Mr Antonas Mockus. I find it insulting that the US is meddling in your democratic process.

    • Yesterday I saw one documentary which shows how US is meddling in your country. US wants to control every country using illegal means. Hope to be liberated from US soon.

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