Sweden Withdraws Bogus Charges Against Wikileaks Founder

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, at New Media Days 09

Image by New Media Days via Flickr


Swedish prosecutors withdrew an arrest warrant for the founder of WikiLeaks on Saturday, saying less than a day after the document was issued that it was based on an unfounded accusation of rape.

The accusation had been labeled a dirty trick by Julian Assange and his group, who are preparing to release a fresh batch of classified U.S. documents from the Afghan war.

2 Responses

  1. Before the attacks on Wikileaks, I was undecided on the Afghanistan war. Now, I see what the war is doing to freedom and democracy in this country. It just isn’t worth it.

  2. I dream that one of the so-called White House press corps has the backbone to question Obama on this piece of viciousness.

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