Genetically Modified Foods and Senate Bill S510 (via Food Freedom)

GM Foods and Senate Bill S510 By Sartre BATR If you are what you eat, we are all in deep trouble. What constitutes healthy food is a debate that can encompass different viewpoints. In spite of this, control of the food chain is a concern that crosses all ideological perspectives. The most essential of all human rights is the effective ability of access and ingestion of nutrients that are necessary to sustain life. Forced feeding of toxicants, as the only foodstuff available t … Read More

via Food Freedom

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  1. Actually, this bill has provisions that explicitly protect organic standards. FDA will be prohibited from mandating GMOs or synthetic chemicals. Food Freedom is missing the boat on the text of this bill.

    Here it actually is:

    Here’s a summary of how it will effect small/organic farms:

    Sustainable farms like Polyface Farms (Joel Salatin featured in Food, Inc.) are supporting this bill.


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