Feminism, “The Social Network,” and A-holes (via Ecobeth)

Though some of this could be fictional and Hollywood-ized, it was pretty sad to watch all this. For such an intelligent film, I wonder if anyone else picked up on the misogyny. The film was cleverly made to put all these incidents together to paint the picture of the men involved as fiercely struggling with egos, loyalty, business ethics, and 20 year old hormones. The characters lacked both the skill in dealing with women as full equal people, and in any inclination to see deeper than skin. I suppose this is typical college guy behavior? If so, it’s pretty scary. Ironic that the founder of a social network left much social acumen to be desired. I hope the real life Mark knows better.

The current movie about the creation of Facebook paints its founder Mark Zuckerberg to be an a-hole. After an obsessive rant about how badly he wants to get into the top fraternity at Harvard (though he’s a computer geek), and a competitive argument about future success, his first girlfriend leaves him saying that though he may fear girls won’t like him because he’s a nerd, it will really be because he’s an a-hole. He runs back to his dorm, and i … Read More

via Ecobeth

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  1. I completely agree. The sad thing is that many people are not picking up on it because they’re so used to seeing it! Thanks for posting this. I just created a page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Social-Network-is-Demeaning-to-Women/146884078687686?v=app_2373072738#!/pages/The-Social-Network-is-Demeaning-to-Women/146884078687686?v=page_getting_started

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