To The Rank and File By Timothy V. Gatto (via Dandelion Salad)

“There IS a way that we can get some accountability out of the Federal government. First, we need to clean up our own act. We need to ask our Union Officers why they support the Democrats. What is it they bring to the table? Is the Democratic Party the party of the working man? Maybe it once was, but that was a long time ago, for the last few decades, they have been the party of the corporations. Along with the GOP, the Democrats have moved this country forward, but only for the privileged few. The majority of people in the United States have been moving backwards.”

By Timothy V. Gatto Featured Writer Dandelion Salad Oct. 8, 2010 We all need to take a realistic look at what is really going on in this country and what we are truly capable of doing about it. Rhetoric aside, what are the truly pragmatic ways that we can force the government of the United States to work in the interests of the people instead of the corporate world that get these politicians elected and supply them with ne … Read More

via Dandelion Salad

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