New York State Green Party Victorious: Reclaims Ballot Line

Green Party of Suffolk Increases Vote Totals by 40%

Green Party of New York

You will be seeing a lot of this: Green Party Ballot symbol

With 56,868 votes, the Green Party of New York State Governor candidate Howie Hawkins has surpassed the 50,000 votes mark need to reclaim the automatic ballot line for the next four years. It will be much easier for Green Party candidates to run for local, state and national offices in New York State! The last time the Green Party of New York State had an automatic ballot line, they set the national record of running over 100 candidates statewide. And, the Green Party will be on voter registration forms again. The new registration forms mean the Green Party will grow even faster.

The Green Party of Suffolk garnered at least 4,098 votes for our Governor candidate yesterday. Suffolk exceeded the 2006 numbers by 40%, jumping from 2,908 votes in the Governor’s race four years ago.

“The Green Party of Suffolk is honored to once again be able to provide a strong progressive voice by running candidates on the Suffolk ballot,” said Green Party of Suffolk Chair Roger Snyder. “Though state election laws have made it difficult for us to run candidates without ballot status, we have remained a strong progressive voice on important issues such as Broadwater, Insanity Island, police taser use, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq war, drone use, renewable energy, sustainable land use, and immigrant rights. The Green Party by regaining ballot status will add to the electoral arena more peace candidates, more single-payer candidates, more immigrant rights candidates, more Main Street candidates, more anti-fracking candidates, and more sustainable energy candidates.”


“This is the best showing ever for statewide Green Party candidates. It is the culmination of months of hard work on the part of many party members, and the candidates themselves. Voters are open to hearing ideas from a party not beholden to Wall Street. and special interests. Howie Hawkins campaigned tirelessly to promote the idea of a Green New Deal, funded by progressive taxation on the wealthy, and using the stock transfer tax we already collect to fill the budget gap. Voters who heard the message understood that Howie’s platform made sense, and that it’s the austerity plans of Cuomo and Paladino that are nonsense,” said Peter LaVenia, Co-chair of the NY State Green Party.

Lewis during his Green Party of New York campa...

Granpa Al Lewis was the last Green Party Governor candidate to reach 50k votes

“People support Green ideas when they hear them: ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, single-payer universal health care, living wage jobs, renewable energy – and in this election we see they are linking our candidates to the issues they care about most. This is a building block for the future. We are going to use this victory to elect Greens statewide, starting at the local level and moving on up to the state,” stated Eric Jones, Co-chair of the NYS Green Party.

“While this campaign is over, we’re not waiting around for the next one to begin – there’s too much work to be done. The Green Party intends to be an independent force in NY State politics for working New Yorkers. Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature are on notice – this is one party that doesn’t sell its ballot line for influence,” said LaVenia.

The four pillars of the Green Party are: Nonviolence. Grassroots Democracy. Social and Economic Justice. Ecological Wisdom.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Green Party of Suffolk,you can call 631-351-5763 or email

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  1. Well, for once I’m glad to be wrong! I

    I voted for Howie and most of the Green line (one person I wouldn’t vote for even if running for dog-catcher, and one I didn’t know well enough), but without any expectation that he’d get the 50K, based on previous results. I think the fact that Howie appeared on the one televised debate made the difference, as we’ve been claiming all along; if nobody sees and hears you, you won’t get the votes.

    I think I owe the Wilders that bottle of wine I promised! When I get back to NY, I’ll take care of that.

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